Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Book Not So Great

I've been reading a book that I had high hopes for, a science fiction collector's edition novel containing the first three novels in the Annja Creed/Rogue Angel series by Alex Archer. This novel is pretty thick, and mixes archeology, history, and mystery together in a creation that I'd hoped would make for good reading. In fact, it's this very creation - really the mixing of history and mystery, not to mention supernatural- that keeps me reading.
The author has managed to write moments of interest interspersed in the story, but it lacks a *sparkle* that I was really hoping to find. I suppose I've read too many really great fantasy novels (it only takes one) and too much Orson Scott Card, and such readings have made me look for equal greatness in all the novels I read. But Rogue Angel is sort of cut and dry; smash and grab; straight-forward. It just doesn't float my boat, you know? And I really hate it when a novel fails my expectations, especially one with so much potential. Its only saving grace is that it may be based on a comic book: I wouldn't mind taking a trip into the comic book/ graphic novel scene.

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Kristy said...

Sorry that your book didn't turn out the way you hoped. But hey look on the bright side! You have a new book coming in the mail for free!