Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Geekage Linkage

Since nothing really blog-worthy has happened lately, I thought maybe my readers would appreciate a few links and a clip or two to check out. I, like many others, have my favorite sites and blogs that I check on a daily basis, but these sites can only up-date so much in a week. So, in the event that you need something to occupy your time a bit while on the great interwebs, I found a few things to fill in for you.

1. This first clip is an old Monty Python skit that never keeps me from really loling, no matter where I am. That's why I avoid it while at work or in other public places where I might get a few people looking askance at me when I laugh hysterically to myself.

2. Equally hilarious is Simon's Cat. What's so freaking funny about this clip is that this is what cat's do!

Finally, a few links for my fellow geeks to visit. These links can take up as much time as you need them to, because of course they have archives, but a couple also require you to actually start from the beginning. A little warning, tho: A few of the following links can be a little inappropriate for those that are sensitive to language and innuendo. Otherwise, enjoy!

First up, Starslip Crisis. As of yet, I haven't come across anything offensive in this web comic, so feel free to enjoy it whenever! This is one of the comic's that requires you to begin at the beginning in order to follow what's happening. It's a daily update, so the archives are quite bulky. Don't worry, tho, because reading them is never a chore, and it'll save you when there's nothing on TV.

Next is Questionable Content. As you might gather from the title, it has some questionable language and innuendo, however, it's not pornographic, which is what I first thought when I read the title. Nope, just good ol' fashioned Indie soap opera funnies. Oh, and this one also has a linear storyline, so start at the beginning if you want to know what's going on.

Another web comic-slash-blog link that I've linked to before (although not under its name) is Penny Arcade. This one also has some bad language, and possibly some offensive images as well, although I've only seen one comic that bothered me with its imagery. More often than not it's just goofy, and the blog is a good way to keep on top of what's going on in the gaming industry.

Another comic that's floating out there,PvP, I haven't kept up with, so I can't really warn about language/imagery, but it's fairly well known, and entertaining to boot. I'm starting at the beginning comics, so feel free to do the same, although I have yet to recognize a linear plot.

My last link, GeekSugar, is also one of my favorites, as far as actual blogs go. It keeps me up-to-date with all the cute and fab tech, fashion, and sites I could ever ask for.

So there you have it: links for when you have absolutely nothing to do. Be sure you LITERALLY have nothing to do, or you might get caught up and then you'll end up doing nothing productive all day (I've SO been there!).

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Kristy said...

Oooo fun! I luva the geek sugar too, as you know! I'm going to have to check out the other sites... I however, cannot get into Penny Arcade. No matter how hard I try!