Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Have Issues

I am getting beyond angry right now at Mozilla Firefox. It continues to crash, refuses to start up, and leaves me seething while I use the inferior IE browser, instead.

It started about a week ago. Continually, Firefox would give me a pop-up: "We're Sorry" and then go on to explain that it had crashed. I could restart it. So, I did. And the pop-up reappeared. So I quit, providing my e-mail address for information and updates. No information or updates were ever given. I finally uninstalled and re-installed it today, and it seemed to work just fine. I was ecstatic. All of my saved blogs, all of my comics! I could visit my sites again!

Alas, it has decided to crash and refuse to start once more. As I type this, I am looking at the IE browser with distain and trying to remember my stupid foxmarks password.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Urban Shaman

I've noticed a pattern in the books that I lean toward when I'm really wanting a good read. I end up with the urban fantasy genre most of the time. Oh sure I go for more traditional fantasy as well. For instance, one of my favorite authors is Julliet Mariller. I loved her Seven Waters trilogoy, which I just discovered has another book out, which I am totally psyched about. Anywho, I've basically finished my newest urban fantasy book: Urban Shaman, by C.E Murphy. This book was amazing. I loved it. The heroine is totally likable, and her powers are amazing, and the way the author describes the universe from a shamanistic point of view was really transcendant. Definitely worth the read! Sadly, I can't really offer a synopses because there are so many stories and twists and such that it's really more of go-see-for-yourself kind of book. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

GeekGirl Wonders. . .

There are two shows on Discovery Channel that seem to me to be the exact same, except for different hosts; Man Vs. Wild, with Bear Grylls, and Survivorman, with Les Stroud. Each show has each host out and about in different harsh environments, roughing it and giving you tips that could "actually save your life" if you were ever, say, shoved out of an airplane in the middle of Alaska. They do things like build shelters, and eat dead carcasses, and drink their own pee. Really, the only difference I can fathom is in the host's accents. One is British, and one is American (or at least, he sounds American.)
So, the whole point of this little blog is to pose the question: Why have both shows? Which is better? Is drinking your own pee really a good idea?