Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Movies (And Oldies but Goodies)

So I've been spending most of my spare time watching movies. I check out newer ones, and then check out ones that I've seen, and therefore know that I like. The first movie I'll detail is Domino. An older movie that's been around for a year or so, I know, but still a good one to watch. If you're in for a kick ass and take names kind of chick who happens to be a bounty hunter (played by Kiera Knightly), with a sexy psycho to give it a little twist, then this is your movie. It's got violence and nudity, so watch out if that isn't your cup of tea, but this movie will make your adrenaline pump, and leave you imagining what it would be like to be that bad awesome.

Another older movie, but a good one to watch, if your in the action movie kind of mood is Knock Around Guys. Not only is Vin Diesel sexy in this movie, but it's just one that doesn't require a lot from the viewer. Just sit back and enjoy. Again, violence and language are part of the package, so don't watch if you don't like that.

And last, but definitely not least, a new movie that came out, with Jason Statham as the main character. The Revolver. This movie is bizarre, it's action, it's pulse-pounding, it's twisty with its plot, and it still has me working it out in my mind two days after viewing it. At first, I didn't like it, but the more I thought about it, the more I started to really get a feel for what it was all about, and the more I really enjoyed it, enough to watch it again. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to see a movie that makes you think whilst satisfying your craving for action. Think better than Pulp Fiction, because that's what this movie delivers.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I don't know if it's just me, or if others feel that same sense of loss when they beat a game or finish a good book. You look forward to its ending because you want to have that closure, but then you're left with nothing more to do. I always go through this bittersweet feeling because I read constantly. I've actually found a way to shorten the feeling, too: keep yourself stocked in books. If you're reading one, you better have at least two others to choose from when you complete the first. It's not so easy with games. They're more expensive. The entire time I played DreamFall I couldn't wait for the next chapter to unfold, but as soon as I completed it, I sighed and wished it could have lasted longer. *sigh*

Monday, April 14, 2008


This week is National Library Week! Yay! As a geek, this makes me happy. To some, this may be the first time you are hearing of this awesome holiday. And how would you celebrate it, one may wonder. Wonder not, fellow readers, Geek Girl has the answers!
  • Return all overdue books and pay off all fines. Both of these actions will make your local librarian happy.
  • Check out a weeks worth of library books (that means one for each day). Extra points if all of them have something to do with libraries or librarians.
  • Wear a ribbon of any color (pick your favorite, people). Tell people it stands for National Library Week.
  • Plan a trip to the Library of Congress. It doesn't have to be a real trip, use your imagination. Bring friends, stop whenever the idea hits you, take lots of pictures.
  • Learn how to spell the 100 most commonly misspelled words of the English language. Start with "misspelled."
  • Take a trip down memory lane and re-read, or at least remember, your favorite children's books. While you're at it, thank your childhood librarian (if they're still around) for putting up with your bratty ass way back when.
  • Volunteer for your local literacy program. I know that even small towns have these (maybe small towns especially). Make sure you can spell the commonly misspelled words as stated above before doing so.
You can pick and choose your favorite ways to celebrate, but remember, there are five more days to celebrate, so pick more than one! Happy National Library Day!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Little Addictions

As a geek, I harbor many little addictions that would not surprise other, fellow geeks. But just what are these addictions, you may wonder? Prepared to be awed as one Geek Girl puts it all out there for others to slowly shake their heads at and tsk.

  1. Dr. Pepper - I'm a southern Geek Girl, and geeks everywhere know that you have to have a convenient, sugar-y, caffeine-laden drink nearby so that you can play games with one hand and remain awake and hydrated with the other.
  2. DreamFall: The Longest Journey - My newest game. Rich worlds, characters, and story lines keep me glued to my laptop for hours. Literally. This is where those Dr. Peppers come in handy!
  3. Sci-Fi/Fantasy/ Fiction - I've always been addicted to books of all kinds. Of course I have preferred genres, but I'm open for any and all suggestions, as long as they seem interesting.
  4. Geeksugar.com - A site dedicated to Geek Girls everywhere? Say no more! I love this site. It keeps me up-to-date on all things tech and gadget, and it gives me a fix when I desperately need a little geek sugar. It's definitely a site worth visiting.
  5. My Cellphone - Ok, so my cellphone is total crap. In fact, I'm hoping and praying that my paycheck will be miraculously huge this time around so that I can purchase the newest upcoming iPhone (hey, miracles happen!). But I have my cellphone with me AT ALL TIMES. It is my lifeline. It may be an oldie, but it hasn't let me down yet (except when it drops my calls . . . or dies.)
  6. My Laptop - I have it with me almost everywhere. I cannot go on a trip without it. And I'm usually on it for most of the day. I love it, and I don't know what I'd do without it.

Ok, so those are my addictions. The few that I could think of at the moment. They're hardly gossip-worthy, but I can bet that geeks everywhere will be nodding there heads and agreeing that all of the above mentioned addictions are necessary to make us geek-happy.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Adventure Games: My Click of the Mouse

So, today I bought a new book along with a new game at my local Half-Priced Book Store. More on the book when I actually get to reading it, but the game is Dream Fall: The Longest Journey. It has been rated as the best adventure game of its year, and I remember the time when I could not wait to try my mouse on it. It sounded so awesome, but something prevented me from actually buying it until now (lack of funds, perhaps?). At a price of a little over seven bucks, which I was more than happy to shell out, I went home and immediately installed it. This took awhile. I'm not sure if it's just me, but it seems that software installs slower on Windows Vista than it originally did on Windows ME 2000 or Windows XP (and to think, I complained about ME). I've been able to play quite a bit (ok, I have to admit: I can play the thing for, literally, hours), and I'm really liking it. The graphics are beautiful, if you keep in mind that it is a couple of years old, and the worlds seem so rich and full of depth. The characters are interesting, and there is a mysterious storyline that opens up at just the right pace. Currently, I'm stuck, which will happen if you're going to play any game that is worth it's salt. I'm not so great at sneaking around. I'm more of a shove-the-door-open-and-throw-in-a-grenade kinda girl, but sneaking is necessary in this adventure. This is my first real foray outside of First Person Shooters, so the amount of dialogue is different, but I'm enjoying it. It's almost like an interactive book! Plus, it has 6 frigging disks! That should keep me occupied for quite some time (if I can get past THIS. ONE. PART!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Reading!

I've moved on to a new book, and it happens to be a sci-fi/fantasy novel. The Secret History of Moscow, by Ekaterina Sedia. Not only does she have a uniquely gorgeous name, but an intriguing novel that manages to comment on the state of affairs of Russia in the 90's while maintaining a definite fantasy slant.
A little from the back (since I haven't read far enough to explain much):
"A dark, cavernous world of magic, weeping trees, and albino jackdaws, where exiled
pagan deities and fairytale creatures whisper strange tales to those who listen."

The main character, Galina, sets out to find her sister, who has turned into a jackdaw after giving birth and flown away. Galina joins ranks with a young cop investigating recent disappearances and, together with a drunkard named Fyodor, they head into the dark and mysterious unknown of the underworld beneath Moscow, a sort of "safe place" for all that has been turned out of Moscow's minds and beliefs. This underworld is where the fantasy and "archetypes" of Old Russia abound. Interesting, no?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Readings and Such

The title of the novel which I am currently reading and have nearly completed is Mirror, Mirror, by Gregory Maguire. You may recognize the name from his previous novels, one of which, Wicked, I have also read. It's his most known work, I believe, having been turned into a Broadway play that I hear is sensational. I enjoyed the book greatly, and so purchased Mirror, Mirror as my next foray into his wonderful, weird, gritty, and somehow realistic views of old fairy tales. As you may have guessed, Mirror, Mirror is a re-telling of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" and to read the way this author has interpreted and worked this tale is really quite amazing, if not a little mind-boggling. It can be really detailed in some of it's grittier scenes, which can be a little off-putting, but I still plan on purchasing his other novels: Son of a Witch, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, and Lost.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ah, the Joys of a First Blog

I know that blogging is all the rage now, but to be honest, I just wanted a place where I could put my opinions out there, as well as ranting about my days. The chances of someone actually finding this obscure little blog are miniscule, but I maintain hope. You'll find, as you continue reading, that I have a dry sense of humor, little patience for idiots, and that I am, in fact, a geek.

I didn't always take pride in this fact (OK, I liked being smarter than the people around me, I admit), but the whole "being - considered - weird - because - I - had - my - nose - in - a - book" or "being - considered - strange - because - I - like - to - play - computer/video games - where - I - can - shoot - things - and - blow - stuff - up" does get a bit tiring. Even my friends and SO have mentioned that I'm not like other girls. However, I take this as a compliment, judging by the "normal" girls I've met. And I take great pride in all of this geekiness now. Nothing makes me happier than to own at Halo 3, or CofD4. Books make me happy, and don't even get me started on all the goodies and gadgets that are out now that throw me into a frenzy of "if I save this, and wait for my next pay check, and am OK with not having groceries for a month, save ramen noodles, I can afford that!" I can't wait until technology really takes off, and what's in the works is suddenly in the stores.

OK, so I think I've made it very clear that I am a geek. I am also a female, which makes me a bit of an oddity. A geek girl? Heck, yes. Prepare to be owned! :P