Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I, like many others, regularly keep track of certain blogs that I find interesting and entertaining. On one of these blogs, the blogger is giving away a free book every month right out of her own bookshop. Not one to pass up the chance for a free book, but pretty sure I would lose, I signed up. And I won! I won a free book! And I got it in the mail today!

At first, I thought, "Oh, hey, look! A package!" Then I thought," Oh, hey, look! It's my book I've been waiting for!" I was a very happy camper. Along with the book came an adorable little bookmark with a drawing of the store's resident kitty cat, Sam, and underneath is all the store's information. This book not only looks good, but bulks up my "to read" pile, which always makes a book geek like me ecstatic. I prefer to have several books waiting in the wings for when I complete my current readings. One must have several to choose from, after all.

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Kristy said...

Yay on winning a book! It is exciting to win stuff, like when I won a coupon for free makeup! Looks like we are both having some luck on our side. :)