Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Geek Girl is Annoyed

Yes, work is still fantastic; I actually look forward to going to work, and I'm glad Friday is rolling around because I have a five hour shift. I'm still annoyed that my coworkers have seemed to decide they don't like me. I'm not part of their clique. I tried a bit more today to get them talking, but then I realized, they seriously could care less about me. I had last Friday off so I could enjoy my one year anniversary, and they have yet to ask me how it went. At first, I wanted them to talk to me because it's nice to have friends at work. It's nice to chat while you're doing things. Then, I wanted them to be friendly because I was feeling hurt and insecure.

Now I'm just pissed. Get ready for Geek Girl 2.0: the girl who doesn't actually give a damn, thank you very much, and could you please stop talking to me? I'm listening to music, obviously, and you're annoying me.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Geek Girl Has a New Job!

Ok, so the job isn't "new" new, doesn't mean I can't be happy about it. I quit my old job months ago and applied for a position at the university library. Halfway into the Spring semester, I got a call for an interview, and then a second call a few days later offering me the position. Yay!

I love my job: printing labels, organizing and covering books (you know that hard plastic cover on paperbacks? I do that!), I security strip them, I move them about, I input them into the system, I take them to the circulation desk to be distributed the huddled masses of students who won't ever appreciate half the books anyway.

Yes, I love my job. I love getting hands on with the newest books and and making notes of which ones I want to read. I love getting to see the back stacks of how the library runs. But. . .

I've tried to be friendly with the girls I work with. It's the first time I haven't been the baby in the group, but i'm not THAT much older than them. Being friendly makes no progress. Getting answers to a question that would hopefully spark a conversation is like pulling teeth. I have finally decided; screw it. I just need books anyway.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Learned Stupidity

For hundreds of years, thousands even, we have domesticated many, many animals to do work or provide things we ourselves cannot. If you've ever seen a herd of sheep, you'll realize that they're pretty dumb. Don't get me wrong, I thing sheep are cute, but they will herd where you herd them, they will stand while you shave them, and it doesn't take anything more than some wood and nails to keep them where you want them. In fact, there is one country where, in a small community, sheep had been herded through it for hundreds of years, before the little village was even built. Suddenly, up pops a village, and what do the sheep do? They continue to herd right through on their way to and from the fields. The pathway is so ingrained in them, that trying to break them of the habit would not be worth the work.

I'm starting to see poeople in this light, as well. When you go up to a door, do you expect it to open automatically? At my university, some buildings have automatic doors, and some don't. I was making my rounds through a couple of buildings that did open their doors automatically, until I reached "The Door." I stood at that door for a number of seconds before I realized it wasn't opening because it wasn't automatic.

When the apocolypse happens, we're doomed. . .