Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Just Wrong

I went to a bookstore yesterday and was APALLED at how much it took to buy four paperback novels. I have to pay more for my gas, my milk, my corn and my flour, but when the heck did they decide that books had to be more expensive, too? Are they using some sort of magical ink? Did they use eighty blind monks to bind them over the course of a six month period? Is the paper suddenly genuine vellum? Why is each novel ten dollars?!

I've been complaining about the prices of books for awhile now, but it really bothers me when I have to PUT A BOOK BACK because I'm not comfortable spending over forty dollars for four novels that will last me a week, a week and a half - tops. I know, I know- someone is going to make a smart comment about the local library, but it's cheaper for me to buy my books than pay the fine. Seriously, I'm going to have to wait until next pay day for that. And besides, it's never guarenteed that they have what I want: usually what I'm looking for is either checked out or "lost." So, HA to the Smarty-Pants people!

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Kristy said...

Awww poor sister. I know I love books, but can never find a great price. Target has great prices if you can find them there... but B&N is always high dollar. Hopefully the price will go down soon and you can enjoy your series a little less costly. :)