Thursday, April 23, 2009

Longest. Day. Ever.

Well, yesterday was another shift at work that, on paper, sounds short and sweet, but in reality made me want to poke someone with the scissors, or possibly scream. The worst thing about today's shift was that I slammed my knee into my desk and wanted to cry out at the sheer pain such an impact invoked, but alas, I could not, because there were people testing, and they tend to frown at Lab Assistants disrupting their concentration by screaming in pain. But I would have gladly slammed my knee into the desk again, if it meant that yesterday could have been erased. In order to keep the sanity that yesterday threatened, I ventured again into my own little world of inquiry and speculation, and these are the thoughts that occurred.

  • Are those denim?? A customer walks in wearing what looked to be a pair of jeans because of their stitching and style, but they were so stretchy, and the girl who wore them filled them to their stretchiest point, that I found a hard time picturing them as an actual pair of jeans.
  • At some point, I realized that I had a small patch of hair that was an inch long hanging in front of my very eyes. I kept trying to brush it to either side, but on further investigation, I discovered that they were actually part of my bangs. After a moments consideration, I grabbed above-mentioned scissors, and cut the offending strands relatively level with the rest of my bangs. The *snip* sound was really unsettling, though, since I was pretty sure I could easily screw my hair up.
  • Aviators are so. In. I counted at least four people coming in with aviator sunglasses, including a college student that reeked of rich parents, sporting a white pair that I'm sure are very fashionable. For women, metros, and gays. They looked very expensive. Also, why were people wearing sunglasses inside? It was starting to annoy.
  • How do haikus go again? Oh yes, five syllables in the first line; seven syllables in the next, and five in the last. Yeah - I totally earned that A in College Lit. Also, now I'm thinking on iambic pentameter. . . Anywho, here's an example of a haiku - Stuck at desk all day, nothing to amuse me but, stupid screen savers. Thanks to Haiku-o-Matic for that oh-so-appropriate poem!
And so my day went. Slowly. thank goodness for my OwnLittleWorld (tm).

Monday, April 20, 2009

Holy Moley!

The newest of my books that I've recently finished was actually based on a TV show, one of my favorites, Burn Notice! I know others who are fans, so I hope this entry is entertaining to them!

Usually, I'm against reading book tie-ins. If it's based on TV, video/computer games, or movies, it's usually crap. However, I happened to spot it on its shelf, and since I was boredly waiting for my dad to finish his browsing, I sat down and took a sneak peek at the first chapter. To my surprise, the book was not based on any existing episode (that I know of), and it was really true to the characters of the actual show. This could be because the author collaborated with the writer of said show.

The Fix, by Tod Goldberg outlines the story of burned spy Michael Westen, his sort of ex-girlfriend, Fiona ("It's complicated"), and his best friend Sam Axe as they go about solving someone's problems in the midst of solving their own. Or really, Michael's own.

I would definitely recommend this fun read to any Burn Notice fan. See if you can tell the difference between the on-screen characters and their written word counter-parts!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm a 3 Dimensional Character

Just because it struck me as funny at the time, I thought I'd mention that I'm listening to Slipknot while I look over the newest from Also, Seether and System of a Down.

You just never know what you're gonna get with me.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Internet Seems Smaller . . .

On a day where things get a little boring, I turn to the internet for entertainment: little games, interesting or funny blogs, new information to learn. It's all there and more! But why can't I find it?!

Each blog I've visited in the past 30 minutes or so has been discontinued, or is so new that I've finished it within five minutes time. I've read all the updates on my Google Reader, and I've checked out Wikipedia for random things to learn, and I am thoroughly bored out of my mind. In times like these, I can only turn to a book, but sometimes I need to take a break *gasp!* from even my current book of choice.

I suppose I'll go see what's on TV, but I can tell even now that that will be a pointless endeavor.