Friday, August 14, 2009

Online Shopping

I love to shop online. It's convenient, fast, and you find things you might never find in stores. Today was my payday. W00t! And it was a good paycheck. I've worked hard this semester to make an A in my class, and I've worked hard at my job to make a good paycheck. So, I thought I'd peruse the great and unique online store, Etsy, for two things that I've been yearning for forever. A beanie and a necklace.

One thing about shopping and I, I must love what I am getting. It is much the same for online shopping, only more so, for some strange reason. I can't look at an item, think it's "kinda cute" and put it in my shopping cart. I must look at it, and think "OMG! MUST HAVE!"

That doesn't stop me from talking myself out of items once I've put them in my cart. That's where my big sister comes in. For one thing, she does not ever tell me to save my money, which is something that is always going on in the back of my head, "Save Your Money, Save Your Money, Save Your Money. . .". I also trust her sense of fashion. We may not always agree on what looks good, but if I'm not too sure about something, I ask her, and she'll give me an opinion, and I'll take it into account, but if my mind is still telling me that the purchase is too freaking cute, or "So Me" I'll buy it, or ask for it for a Birthday/Christmas. Such was the way with my beloved Uggs. I couldn't see myself spending that much money, but I adored them. My sister had not jumped on the cute boot train yet, so she would say they were ugly, but I listened, and then ignored her advice. Christmas rolled around, and I got a pair from my dear big sister, whom herself was sporting a sweet pair. I still wear those boots, even in these summer days when I know I'm going to spend time in a highly air conditioned building, despite the fact that the heat index at the moment here has gotten to at least 103.

So today I went shopping, and I got what I was looking for. One thing about me: I often know what I want when I go looking, to a T, and so often I don't buy because nothing fits all of my criteria.

Meet Exhibit A: a beanie in my favorite shade of gray, crocheted, with kitty ears. (the picture shows it as black, but the one I ordered was a soft gray).

And Exhibit B: A sterling silver skull and crossbones necklace with a few crystals (the picture shows one with more crystals than the one I got. I do not go overboard with my crystals, mmmkay?). I'm in love with pirate lore and all things piratey, so this seemed made for me. Piratey, yet feminine. Score for me!

Friday, August 7, 2009


In all the horror movies I see, especially those pertaining to zombies, people never go for the head shot first. To me it's common sense. What puts something down quick? Head shot. Bullets to the chest won't kill? Try a head shot. Yet it takes at least one member of a tactical force to die and someone else to make a brilliant deduction, "Well, if you sever the spinal column, or otherwise incapacitate the brain, then they don't get up."

Maybe it's idiotic to argue a point when it comes to zombie movies. I mean, they're a dime a dozen, and most of them are thoughtless shoot 'em ups, but still you'd think it'd be a no-brainer (pun not intended! OK, maybe a little bit).

Moral of the story: When in doubt, go for the head shot.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Rather Mundane Day

I had a bit more to do today than most days. Errands to run before work, frustrations before and during work - well, let me just give you the highlights.

  • Run downstairs to tell my apartment manager that I cannot fix my clogged bathtub. Gratefully thank her for agreeing to send the handyman to take care of it.
  • Take my dog outside. Wait while she sniffs grass and picks a spot exactly like every other spot.
  • Meet with my adviser at the University. Learn that a class that I had taken and passed was not in my records. I must bring a transcript on Monday, and if it isn't on said transcript, I have to retake the class.
  • Deposit check at bank. Wonder if the trip is worth going home, or if I should pass remaining time at McDonald's since I'm already halfway to work.
  • Find it impossible to sit in McDonald's after I eat lunch. Head home.
  • Tool around on my laptop until I have to leave for work.
  • Spend hours in mind-numbing conditions, punctuated by stupid questions from co-workers.
  • Finally head home. Think about watching a movie: The Shooter? Pirates of the Caribbean?
Seriously, if it could have been a little more boring, you might not have just wasted a few precious minutes reading about it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Holding Doors

I am a petite girl. At 5' 2", with a very slight build, most people are taller and stronger than I. Being raised in the South, I put much stock into manners. One thing I've learned: hold the door for people who may be exiting behind you. I may be small and slight, but no matter how heavy the door, I will hold it for whoever may be behind me. Nothing is more annoying than getting the door slammed right in your face. I should know. It happens to me all the time.

Sure I grumble about it, and insult, soto voce, the person who didn't bother, but (and here's where my Southern upbringing really comes in) I get really ticked if it happens to be a guy who has decided not to be gentlemanly enough to bother waiting until I can exit. I don't care if he OPENS the door for me. I believe that it's whoever gets to the door first, unless I'm obviously struggling to open it. I think it's ridiculous to expect a guy to pick up his pace so that he reaches the door before me, all because it seems more polite, when I can open the door just fine (usually) on my own. But seriously, when a door practically smacks me in the face because someone doesn't want to hold the door, and when that someone happens to be taller and stronger than me, I hurl insults with the best of them.

I once called a guy on this very thing, because he'd done it to me twice in as many days. BLAM! Right in my face. So I called out to him the second time, once I'd shoved the door open again. What's the freaking deal?! Oh, he didn't see me. Understandable. My size makes me easily misplace-able. Seriously, I've walked around a store with my brother-in-law, who has stopped in the middle of his conversation because he'd lost track of me. I was right beside him, but he didn't see me because he wasn't looking down low enough. It happens.

But, really, if you're walking out of a building, have the courtesy to hold the door. And if you don't feel like holding the door, wait until I reach and I'll hold it open for you. And then let it slam in your face before you even take two steps.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Orson Scott Card

To put it mildly, I believe Orson Scott Card is a completely awesome, engaging, complex, and all around awesome author. I've been on a Card kick lately, so I've read several of his books. . .again. He brings to life the women of the Bible in his Women of Genesis series: Rachel and Leah; Rebekah; Sarah. All brought to brilliant light, inspiring me (at least) and showing that he can do what many authors struggle with - bridging that gender gap. He blows you away with the complex and enthralling Ender series. My favorite happens to be Enchanted, a re-telling of an old fairy tale in an old country. LOVE IT!

Another gem I happen to be re-reading at the moment is a book that is edited by Card. Future on Ice is an anthology of eighteen different science fiction stories. Not only are all of the stories interesting, deep, and full of win, but Card writes an introduction for each story and its author! Before the short story "Cabracon," he really gets on his soap box and opens up the world of science fiction as its viewed by publishers, and what it means to be a sci-fi writer, the good and the bad.

If you love sci-fi, or are just in the mood for some good reading, I encourage you to pick up one of Cards many novels. He never fails in his endeavors, and if you want to read an anthology, start it out with Future on Ice. Weird and gritty makes for good reading!