Saturday, June 18, 2011


I'm sort of in a mad studying frenzy because I have a midterm soon, but this is a quick and easy little meme that I copied from my sis over at Stumbled Into Fate, so, here is my life right at this moment!

Currently reading:
Feed by Mira Grant; zombies and bloggings and presidential campaigns, oh my! It's actually quite astute, and the main characters are so much fun. Also, I thought it might be boring, but the many different mysteries that pop up as well as the full-on drama of a presidential campaign in the middle of a zombie world make it totally worth the read. I mean, zombies, right?!

Currently playing this list:
Well, rain. I know it sounds weird, but when I study, noise bothers me. Any noise, really. So, I figured out that when I play the natural sounds of a rainstorm on my iPod, with my new fantastic sounding retro headphones, I can actually get into a really good study zone. I've been making A's with this method, so I think I'll keep with it.

Currently loving this color:
Ok, so it's not a color, per se. But I'm sort of liking monochrome, soft, cool colors. Also, I love winter and it never gets cold enough to snow here.

Currently drinking:
Neuro Drinks. I took myself off of caffeine a little over a week ago, and found these little gems in my campus mart. I tried the sleep one first, and crashed for exactly 8 hours, but I was dead tired the entire next day. I tried the focus one next, while studying, and didn't really notice a difference except that I could stand to study longer instead of taking so many breaks, thus giving myself extra time later to veg out. The Bliss drink was yummy, but I'm not sure I noticed an effect. In their defense, I didn't drink it very quickly, I finished it over the course of the evening and night. If I did notice anything, I chalked it up to be placebo, because, well I just don't think a drink can make you happy unless it has mind-altering qualities, and as far as I could tell this one just had some herbs and vitamins.

Currently eating:
Last night, I had Whataburger. Heaven!

Currently watching:
Better Off Ted. It's just funny! I love Veronica; she's my hero! Lol.

Currently Wishing:
I could have a full day at the spa. I don't like being touched, but I would really like a massage, a facial, 15 minutes in a sauna, being wrapped in seaweed, whatever they do in spas that make people look and feel vibrant, fresh, and most of all - CHILL.

Currently need:
This semester to be over, with two A's as final grades. Barring that, caffeine. :P

Currently FTW:
"Libraries are the number one place where SHH happens"

I got a job at the university library! Yay me! It's so much fun!

Currently annoying:
Losing stuff. Also, trying to find a well-balanced meal for each mealtime when I really just want a freaking Snickers bar and some Twizzlers.

Currently crushing on this celebrity:
Jason Statham.

Currently blessed with:
Hubs! I love my hubs!

Currently indulging with:

Candy bars and Twizzlers. Lol.

Currently wearing:

The Night Owl Mystery Bookstore t-shirt in chocolate and beige sweatpants.

Currently excited about:

Meh. I usually save my excitement for the moment.

Currently feeling:

Hungry and high-strung. Blech.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Geek Out

Every once in awhile, I get this nostalgic urge to get all comfy and enjoy my favorite geeky things. Eating a bowl of Cheerios for dinner while I watch old episodes of the X-Files, then cuddling up in my favorite ankle slippers (like normal slippers, but they're like socks too in that they reach the my calves) and my favorite snuggie and just relaxing with a can of Ginger Ale after a long study session.

Oh, yeah. It's good to be a geek.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Desert Island

I know that people who play the little MMO games provided for free by Facebook are painted as loners, time wasters, and no-lives, but I currently have a few that probably take all of ten minutes to play at several points during the day, and I enjoy them. They're a fun distraction when I'm bored, or a good time-out when I'm studying.

In saying that, I'm not going to name game names here but I currently play one where you can enter costume contests and vote on who has the best look for that particular theme. The problem is, people don't stick to the theme. "OMG, her heels are gorgeous! VOTE!" The current theme is Desert Island. Now, if I had the chance to choose what I could wear before being marooned on a desert island, well, it would be much more practical than the game allows.

1. I would wear hiking boots. Wearing heels is just stupid, and going barefoot is worse in my opinion. When you're stuck on a desert island and you break an ankle or get bitten on the sole of your foot by some snake you stepped on, there will be no one there to save your butt. But of course, those heels ARE fab!

2. Sunglasses. These don't seem to be a problem on the game, considering they're so in right now.

3. Something to cover my head. None of this cute headband crap, I'm talking a thick bandanna. One that I could remove and soak in water before replacing it on my head. By doing so, I can avoid heat stroke and sunburned scalp in one go.

4. Would I go for full body covering? Probably not. Although I've heard it recommended, I would get too hot too fast. I'd probably wear shorts and a short top. While this exposes me to sun, insects, and bites of other kinds, I like to believe in my own little world that I am smart and capable, and therefore won't have these issues, especially since -

5. I will carry two or three accessories. A sharp pointy stick, and a giant bottle of sun screen, SPF 30. And as we all know, pets are accessories, too, but I wouldn't bring mine as so many from the make believe game have. I have a small dog. What would happen if I brought her? Well, since she's domesticated, she'd probably not make it, and if she did and I happened to be starving . . . I'd like to believe I'd eat other things or die trying, but there's really no telling. Also, none of this "I've got a cell phone/laptop" crap. How are you going to charge your battery? How are you going to find a signal or WiFi? That's right, your cellphone will turn into a disappointment and your laptop will be a big ol' heavy paperweight.

I know chances are slim of ever surviving when stuck on a desert island, but a few precautions, a lot of sense, and an acceptance that hard work will get you everything could go a long way. Hey, kind of like life, right?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Electric Toothbrush

I recently invested in an inexpensive electric toothbrush, and used it for the first time tonight. I know what some must be thinking: Why did you buy an electric toothbrush? And others: What took you so long?

I bought an ET because I wanted my teeth to feel really polished and clean. I waited so long because they are obnoxiously loud in a way that makes them, well, obnoxious. But after using it tonight, I suppose I could put up with the noise because my teeth feel squeaky!

Now I'm wondering, however. I have a thirst for knowledge, one that requires I ask weird questions and know the answer to even the lamest of questions. So, what is the proper way to use an ET? Do you just sort of move it lazily about? Is there a count for each section of teeth? What would get me the most benefit out of it?

I must know!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I read somewhere that introverts and extroverts have batteries, but they charge them in different ways. An extrovert's battery is charged when they are the center of things, when they are in a crowd and loving it. An introvert, however, needs solitude in order to recharge their batteries.

It's a pretty good analogy, and I feel that it is definitely accurate. I am an introvert, and even when I'm around a small group of close friends, I get to a point where I would prefer to go home, cuddle up in bed and read a book or veg in front of the TV and watch something from my Netflix cue. Get me around a larger group of people, and I hit that threshold pretty soon - and it's no longer a preference, but a strong urge. I would go so far as to say that I'm quite miserable after an hour in a large group.

Most people don't get this need for solitude, this feeling of emotional exhaustion after having talked, smiled, and socialized for long periods of time. I even feel a bit abnormal, although I know people just like myself. It's just introversion, that's all. I am very blessed to have married a husband that a) is not a party animal, and b) understands me and my need for solitude, most of the time. I love being around him, and often miss him during the day, but sometimes if I've been home all day and still don't feel like doing much of anything, he wonders why I feel the need to stay cooped up.

Sometimes, my batteries need a longer charge, that's all.