Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Further PAX

Sorry for the hiatus - onto the further escapades of PAX awesomeness!

Friday was the start of PAX, and it thankfully began at 10:00 AM. I needed extra sleep due to jet lag. We walked to a Subway shop for breakfast, and continued on to enter the expo. We went an awkward way that first day and ended up in the building, well,  before we should have. Realizing the place would be way more crowded if they were open, we discreetly exited and went around to enter with everyone else.

It was loud, it was crazy. We checked out booths left and right and center. I bought a panda beanie hat. Kawaii! Soon after, my hubby spotted someone of whom he was a fan. Kris Straub, creator of the completely awesome Starslip Crisis. Of course, hubs didn't want to go talk to him because it was KRIS STRAUB! So, like the good wife that I am, I insisted and poked and prodded until he was able to go up and introduce himself, and give him a thumbs up. I was very happy that he was so happy, and I got to meet Kris.

Afterward, we hoofed it to a nearby theater, for the Penny Arcade Q&A. It was super exciting to see Mike and Jerry, so we were feeling pretty nerd-happy, when the SO leaned over and said, "You should go ask Jerry what he's been reading lately." So I did. I stood in line to ask a question and got to talk to Mike and Jerry! Squeeeeee! Sadly, Jerry didn't have any suggestions, but Mike had recently read The Sparrow. Yay!

Then it was onto the Swag!!! Yay free stuff! We got Magic: The Gathering bags and coloring books, drawn by none other than Mike himself!, and a magazine and a few brochures and a pack of Magic cards. I grabbed the red, because I prefer the color: the way it plays, the spells, etc. My own deck is completely red, and say what you want, but I love it.

After checking out all the booths showing off the newest console and computer games, we had dinner, at the same Subway we'd had for breakfast. By this time we were exhausted. We felt bad about not enjoying the expo til 2 AM, but we were both practically dead on our feet. Nothing a good night's sleep didn't fix.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

12 PAX Series - Day 1

My husband and I have been waiting for what feels like forever in order to go to the Penny-Arcade Expo (PAX), and this past weekend was our chance! Thursday morning we finished packing and took our dog to the Pets Hotel. She loves it there and the employees love her back. I always feel like she is well-loved and taken care of there.
After dropping her off, we headed to the airport. Parking was mostly pain-less, and getting through the lines and security didn't take long at all. We were on a flight to Dallas, which took about 3 hours. And then on to Seattle, Washington! That flight was actually uncomfortable, crowded, and way too long. However, the view as we began our descent was breath-taking.

Seattle, Washington was a first for both my husband and me. When we stepped out of the airport, I took a deep breath of cool evening air. Having just come from Texas, where the temperature had not fallen under 90 degrees, the cooler weather was much appreciated. At first. We took a cab to our hotel in downtown Seattle.

The cab ride was a first for me, as well. Despite living in a big city, I've never had the need to utilize a taxi. It was interesting and exciting, and I enjoyed looking out the windows at everything we passed by. $42 later, we were at our hotel, which was very small but comfortable. A coffee shop took up the bottom floor of the place, filling it with the amazingly wonderful scent of brewing coffee. We asked the hotel manager for suggestions regarding a place to eat that was also within walking distance. He pointed us to Jasmine, which was literally right around the corner.

Jasmine was a chic Japanese lounge, where we enjoyed delicious sushi and an easy-going atmosphere. The waiter was originally from Arlington, Texas. We're everywhere!

After sushi, we headed back to our hotel, where we relaxed and slept, excited for the first big PAX day to come!