Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All That Icks

It may surprise some people, but Geek Girl does not have a totally awesome librarian job, or a fun and creative tech savvy business to run. Oh, no. Geek Girl is an average, everyday college student Office Monkey like many other college students out there. Sometimes, my Job asks me to do ridiculous stuff. Sometimes my Job asks me to do pointless crap. Sometimes, my Job asks me to do things that require my own judgment. Today was one of THOSE days. We got in some new mouse pads; sleeker, thinner, less mushy. They looked more sanitary, too, not at all like the spongy ones we're currently using that probably soak up any number of bacterium and other icky stuff from the hundreds of people that use our computers. Well, we got in these nice, new mouse pads, but there were only five. So, Boss Lady asked me to go around and dispose of the worst used old ones and replace them with the newer ones. My issue? All of them looked truly disgusting and used to me. So I threw away the first five I came across, and replaced those. Seriously, any employer should be happy to have me, because not only did I throw away five science-project-worthy petri dishes, I also did it in a pleasing straight line that draws the eye to the sleek lines of our mouse pads, and not to the ugly clunkers we call "computers."

On a cooler note: they finally figured out what to name Pluto and similar planets, although I can't say whether they should call ALL of them "Plutoid'.

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Kristy said...

Gross! Why did they only give y'all 5 new ones? Does the school not have enough money or something to buy a classroom full of MOUSE PADS. Pretty sad to think about.

Oh and Plutoid? What genius scientist came up with that name?