Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thoughts on Memory Lane

I was eating some candy just now, chewing it up and savoring the sweet and tart flavor, when I began to wonder how my future children would view my everyday sweets. I can already tell that the generation far below me (I'm talking 8 and 9 year olds here) are into gross things that I wouldn't try: sour gel-like candy you squeeze from the tube, purple and green ketchup (ok, not candy, but still! Yuck!) painfully sour hard candies and flavorless sweet lollipops.

It brought my mind back to when I tried a few of the things my own father and grandfather found delicious, and remembered fondly from their own childhoods. For one, my grandfather loved his licorice. Licorice is made from the herb Annice, and after a few tries I found the flavor growing on me. And then there was clove gum, which my dad and grandfather both enjoyed. When I chewed it, I liked the spicy-herbal flavor, but I was baffled as to why it didn't have a "real" flavor: strawberry or cherry. Instead, it was made from herbs, once again. And how could I forget my bout with horehound? My grandfather raved about how delicious it was, but the moment I began to suck on that candy, I wanted to spit it out. Horehound is, again, made from a flowering plant, instead of a sweet fruit like I was used to. In fact, none of what I had tried could have been described as "sweet" which is what I expected from any candy that crossed my lips, unless I decided I was in a "sour" mood.

Of course, the old classic that I don't think will ever phase from generation to generation *fingers crossed!* is Root Beer. It's made from the roots of the sassafras tree, although I'm not so sure they use the real flavoring in more commercial sodas. Still, all of the "old-fashioned" candies and drinks were made from nature; roots and herbs and plants, instead of artificially sweet fruit flavors that my generation enjoys. The older generations had candy made from things that didn't take a lot of steps to make. In fact, I'm pretty sure that if they were out of gum, they probably had cloves handy, or chewed on other things that were readily around and flavored their favored candy. Nowadays, you might want a cherry flavored Popsicle, but eating a real cherry is an entirely different taste experience.

So, will my children make funny faces when I introduce them to Sweet Tarts? Will they complain it's not sweet or sour enough, that it's too powdery or hard? And where will the next generation's taste buds take them, radio-active goo?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If You're Really Bored. . .

In a today's "Website of the Day" post on GeekSugar, it introduced to me a new blog to check out. In a world where being awesome is ideal and also pretty hard, unless it's someone who is not you (seriously, I can't read the blog "With Love" without feeling like a walking fashion disaster/under-achiever), MyLifeIsAverage posts perfectly average moments in everyone's day. Random, and kind of funny sometimes (example: "I heard an ice cream truck drive by. I yelled 'ICE CREAM' in my head, but didn't say anything out loud. MLIA"), it made me think that maybe even the boring bits are worth noting. After all, you take the good with the bad, the meh with the amehzing. My life is average.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Rediscovering Lost Socks

Everyone deals with the same issue: a load of laundry in, a load of laundry out, and several lonely socks left over. Weren't they a pair BEFORE you put them in? They were when you put them on! Two feet equal two socks. And yet, here they lay, socks without a match. Matchless socks.

I stared at my little pile of woebegone socks and wondered what exactly lived in my dryer, snacking on one or the other of the pairs. So, I took all of those lonely socks, and put them BACK in the dryer. Another load goes through and VOILA! Socks that have found their matches. Or so my theory goes. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Monday, May 11, 2009


So, I've been spending the week cleaning and doing general maintenance about my apartment. I got the entire place cleaned, swept, mopped, scrubbed, and steamed. My carpet looks brand new. I realized that a Kindle actually MIGHT be a good investment, because I sold a ton of books, and I still have to keep a bunch camped on my dining area table because my bookcase is F-U-L-L. My dad bought me some cleaning supplies on Mother's Day (I'm not sure if that was a gift or just him being helpful), so I got to unclog my bathtub drain and I get to scrub the living daylights out of it to get rid of soap scum. FYI, you brunette geekettes out there: those "Sparkling Brunette" shampoos that bring out the "natural, shining chocolate hues" in your wonderful hair? Leaves coloring that sticks to soap scum! Yucky! I also re-attached my bedroom doorknob, since it was loose.

Point of this blog: I am not only a girly geek, but a handy one, too!