Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's Driving Me Nuts!

On another book lovers blog, I discovered a neat little tool that can "read" your blog and rate its readability. You can find it and utilize it for your own blog here. I'm not sure how low it goes, but the golden star for me would be to achieve "Genius" status (I'm a geek, so sue me). My problem happens to be that I have not even reached "College." I'm stuck at "High School" level. And that drives me nuts. Has anyone been to high schools lately? Kids these days (which is a phrase I thought I'd be saying a lot later in life) are complete idiots. Most high schoolers do not possess the reading skills of a third grader. Seriously, I am not making this stuff up!

I was once a reading and English tutor for one of my local colleges, and most of the students I tutored were older than I, however, they usually had a grade level reading ability. Some of them were excusable. For example: one student spoke English as a THIRD language, so I can understand that it must be hard to get through some of the reading assignments, not to mention the labs and writing assignments, but most of the students I tutored simply did not pay attention, or did not stay in classes, long enough to achieve an appropriate reading skill level. It's anyone's guess as to how they graduated high school, but the entire point is to say that a "high school" readability level for my blog is insulting. Yet somehow, no matter how I tweak and change and whatnot, I still maintain a steady "high school" readability. NOT FAIR!

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Kristy said...

Too funny. How does it feel to know my blog is smarter than yours. :P J/K. Your blog is very entertaining and a great read, so don't bother with the "tool". And yes, kids are complete idiots. I agree.