Saturday, October 29, 2011


My laptop has been on the fritz now for, oh-2 years now, and we were finally fed up with its shenanigans. The battery held charge for 5 minutes, and I think I'm being a bit too generous with that guess-timation. The charging port was loose, causing the charger to pop loose at a wrong glance, and if I didn't scramble fast enough, my computer died. Restarting it took ages, but it was necessary if the charger fell from the port since for some reason that rendered my headphones useless.
My biggest concern was that, when I begin to work on getting my master's in library science, the computer would die unexpectedly, like oh-in the middle of an important 20 page paper!!1!1 Or perhaps in a video conference with a professor. So. Hubs and I went computer shopping and bought me a nice, little gold Asus: light-weight, compact, and best of all, a real battery that holds it's charge and a charging port that actually grips the charger. Aside from that, there are crazy good schematics that have been ok'ed by my husband, the computer science whiz. Yay laptops!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Cup of Tea

I haven't officially announced on this blog yet, but I'll go ahead and do it now. I am a current holder of a crisp Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology. Although my real passion is books, I've always found the inner workings of the human mind entertaining, so I thought I'd go ahead and get a bachelor's in a field that I enjoyed until I could reach my master's in my true calling as a librarian.

Not too long ago, I was perusing the rows and rows of books and magazines of our wonderful Barnes and Noble, a past time which I find endlessly enjoyable and also a bit frustrating. If I could buy every book I saw and wanted on each visit, I would have a nice little collection! To assuage some of the disappointment of having to leave nearly empty-handed, I browsed through their magazine rack and randomly selected one that looked interesting and fun. I am now addicted!

The magazine is a UK based media called Psychologies. I bought it, very interested, but when I read it, I was enthralled. Here was a magazine that didn't mention flat bellies, yo-yo diets, or the newest celebrity trend. Instead, it had smart, simple articles on dealing with life in a way that makes anyone happy. From ways to keep that holiday happiness all year long to lightening your mind and body. And of course, one of the issues out there today that I feel is particularly relevant: The New Narcissism. Ironically, I may be engaging in this narcissism right now by blogging about me and my thoughts and feelings, but I digress.

Finally, a magazine with intelligence, with wit, with articles that I felt pertained to me and my life. Because Demi Moore's latest drama just doesn't do it for me (although I hope she smacked the hell out of Ashton). And just so I fully complete the circle of this post by coming back to the title, my favorite cup of tea is chamomile and honey.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Habitat for Humanity

Today, as a service project with my group 'o kids, we did a Habitat for Humanity Day. We showed up at the site at around 7 this morning. I was starting to feel awake after several donut holes and a jelly filled eclair, plus an ice cold Diet Dr. Pepper, so as the sun began to rise, I scampered up a ladder before hubby could see and watched the sun come up on the roof of the house.

At some point, I realized there wasn't much for me to do, so when my husband wielded a nail gun, I asked if I could give it a try. Apparently, I'm a natural, since I made few mistakes and hit the stud dead on. I also reinforced the bottom inch at the base. My thighs were on fire from crouching so long!

By noon, reinforcements came by way of pizza, and after a quick jaunt to a gas station for bathroom break and soda run, we were back to work. We finished reinforcing the walls, and papering the roof, not to mention beginning some siding work. The guys in charge were pretty impressed. We weren't as efficient as professionals, but we get a job done and we get it done right!

Very tiring, all in all, but satisfying. They ran out of things for us to do by 2, so we headed on home. Good day.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ode to Libraries

I've always loved books, and with that came a true love for libraries as a safe haven. When I was young, I was very happy to get books for Christmas. I remember one year I got a Saddle Club Series book and just loved reading it and several installments thereafter.

I remember The American Girls.
I remember a series dedicated to the voices of young girls who would have been on the front lines of history - a girl during the civil war, the Boxer Rebellion, the Underground Railroad - all fictional, but nonetheless powerful.

And libraries were a big part of my love. Every Tuesday evening, my dad and I would go to the library. While I was too afraid of leaving my parents' sides in public places, I easily wandered off in the library and made myself at home in the stacks. Libraries are just so quiet, so peaceful and soothing, and very organized. I knew if I needed my dad, I would find him in the Sci-Fi section or reading a magazine while waiting for me to finish looking at books.

I stayed over in the children's section until I was about 10. My dad kept saying I should move to the adult section, there were tons of books I liked, but I didn't feel I could relate to the people in them. That didn't stop me from reading his books when he finished them.

And of course I had a favorite librarian. She was blond, with light blue eyes. I don't remember her name but she always talked and laughed with us at the check out desk. She always had a smile. She always exclaimed over my choices. When I think of a real librarian, she's the model I use: young, cool, sassy.

Libraries have always been important to me, now even more so, because I still feel safe, and I feel connected to my dad when I wander the stacks now.

THAT is why I want to be a librarian.