Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Nerd Herd!

As my day off, Wednesdays are usually full of naps, reading, and surfing the web. Thus I found "Chuck," on Hulu. I'd heard about it, but I wasn't too sure it was my kind of show. And then I saw an advertisement on Hulu's TV home page for it. "Chuck. He's not shaken, he's nerd." Immediately, I was hooked. I watched all available episodes (4, or was it 5?). Although I don't know the back story specifics because only the last few episodes of season one were available, I can say that he somehow has all sorts of secret government information downloaded in his mind, thus dubbing him the nation's most prized possession, or "the Intercept." Numbers, letters, faces, pictures: anything can set him off into a "flash," where he recieves instant information from his little brain.

The totally awesome thing about this show is that Chuck is a normal geek guy working at a "Buy More" store in the "Nerd Herd" area. His friends bet on the roll of the dreidel; they decide who is to be the Assistant Manager by staging an underground fighting cage; they drink grape soda "on the rocks." In other words, they kept me laughing. It's meant to be a comedy, with a little action on the side. Check it out, and see the Nerd Herd for yourself!

Monday, September 22, 2008

On Another Note

My sister has made me aware of the Fall Into Reading 2008 Book Challenge, and I figured I could do with one of those. I'm not making any promises, since I have my plate full with school, work, and extra-curricular activities, but I will make a list, and since I was notified so late (it starts today, and I found out about it today), I will probably begin in a couple of days. If you want to learn more about it, go here. She has the information and links and whatnot. I plan on doing 12, but I only have ideas for seven at the moment, so I will list those, and re-post this after I know what I really want to read.

1. Einstein In His Own Words

2. Real Mosquitoes Don't Eat Meat

3. Son of a Witch

4. The Spartans

5. Dave Barry Talks Back

6. One Thousand White Women

7. Hunter's Prayer: A Jill Kismet Novel

Again, I will add five more when I discover what else I would like to read. Until then, Fall Into Reading!

I Am Getting Old

I might just be 21 years of age, but I feel much older. Yesterday I was sitting down at my little utilitarian laptop desk, which is made to rest comfortably over you whether you are in bed, or sitting on a couch, but I mostly use it on the floor because otherwise my dog tries to knock it over in her frantic push for attention. Anywho, I sit cross-legged, with my legs under the little table, and yesterday, as I stood to go get myself a soda from the fridge, I realized that my knees were very unhappy. In fact, one refused to support me, and so I just stood on one leg, flamingo-style, in the middle of my room and gave myself a pep talk before forcing myself to endure the pain and WALK, DANG IT!

I've had to deal with "foot falling asleep" issues as well, which is not fun because I never learn. When your foot is numb, it can't really hold your weight. I've fallen at least three times before I made this easy deduction. I think the best plan of action is to get up every thirty minutes or so and walk, just to make sure that I don't stiffen up, or have several limbs that have decided to nod off. But this entire experience has made me feel as though my real age is closer to 80, and that's just depressing.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Underestimated

I know that iPods have been the thing for forever, but they always seemed so expensive and not worth it to me. But with my new iPhone, which has an iPod on it, I decided to go for it. Might as well have some awesome songs to jam out to when I'm away from my laptop. Let me just say: it would have been totally worth it to buy an iPod when it came out.

It's like being in your own little bubble-world, where your music surrounds you in a cocoon of awesomeness. I can't help but put that extra sway to my hips when I'm listening to Paramore's Crushcrushcrush, and I have to battle the urge to scream along with Flyleaf while taking my dog for a walk. Plus, the added "Don't Bother Me" factor is perfect for me. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Finicky Hurricanes

I know that since I live on the coast of the great Gulf, I should accept the fact that hurricanes are a part of life. And I do. But would it be too hard to ask that Ike make up its mind? Seriously, first it was headed right for me, so I evacuated, and it changed course. Despite my evacuation inland, it was suddenly heading straight for me again. Not only that, but it was getting ready to obliterate the town I was further going to evacuate to.

So I had to grab all my crap, plus two dogs and a pet rat, and go back to my town, which was closer to the coast, but further from the storm's predicted path. I was expecting rains and winds in my hometown, since it was closer to Ike, but I hear it's all sunshine and roses there. I am exceedingly happy that I don't have to worry about my apartment flooding and my essentials that could not be moved getting ruined, but the inaccuracy of what we do understand of storms and meteorology in general annoys the heck out of me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Am Annoyed

There are so many ways that I like to unwind and calm down after a pretty suck day. I've always read constantly as a means of entertainment and escape, and gaming usually puts me in a good mood, especially if I can get together with a group and kick some trash. For awhile, I would rent two or three movies every few days and settle back to watch. Lately, tho, I've been listening to my favorite play lists on I'm pretty eclectic when it comes to my music, so I've divided them all up into categories: Hard Rock and Alternative; Country; Electronica and Synth Pop; relaxing and upbeat music.

One of my favorite bands in the hard rock category is Flyleaf. Not only do I love the lead singer and her amazingly high pitched, screaming voice, but I really dig their songs. One of my favorites is a little known (re: not played on the radio) hard rock shout match called "Justice and Mercy." It has suddenly disappeared off the face of the archives. I searched and came up empty. :( This means I'll have to buy it from iTunes, and that's why I am annoyed.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Geeky Reading

Sure reading itself is a bit of a nerdy hobby, but I've leaned to accept the geekiness that it lends me. But sometimes, the books themselves increase the geekiness tenfold. Case in point: the two books that I have been reading lately. Magic: The Gathering-Shadowmoor Anthology and Magic: The Gathering-Eventide.

Just one look at the front of Eventide, and you'll recognize that it basically fits every geek boy's fantasy art. The books are based on the card game, which I am slowly changing my opinions about. Some people like to read or play computer games to perk their little bad days up; others like to play card games where their imagination can take them far and kick some trash along the way.

The Anthology I read first, basically a whole set of stories introducing creatures from the world iof Shadowmmoor. Cinders, Boggarts, Elves, Kithkin, Merrows: all of them strange in their own way, and mostly vengeful, terrible enemies to each other. In fact, each story seemed to end in some horrible twist that made you realize that Shadowmoor is a dangerous place to be anything, including a Treefolk.

Eventide takes the charcters and creatures from the Anthology and expands on them, explaining a little bit about how the world once was, and why it now is. It introduces a few new characters, and kills off many, many more. Full of elemental magic and plots of Shadowmoor domination, Eventide has kept me turning pages in an effort to find out what those crazy beings will think of next.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

All These Things

Lately I've had these "things", I call them. They're basically quirky likes that I have.

Thing Number 1: Plaid. I love plaid. I have a pair of plaid shoes that I cannot get enough of! Plaid, plaid, plaid!

Thing Number 2: Hearts. And not cutesy little hearts, either, just simple hearts.

Thing Number 3: Robots! But only cute robots.

Thing Number 4: Rain. I love the rain. I get kind of cranky if it's too sunny for long, and my dream is to one day live in a town that is A) not sunny or B) rainy often.

Thing Number 5: The color gray. It happens to be one of my favorite colors, but it has to be the right kind of gray. I go for either gunmetal, or dove gray.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Meme

Yay, another meme! Another random idea to get to know me better. It's your lucky day!

1. I generally don't like people, so it's kind of strange that I want people to "get to know me better" on this blog. It's not that I'm weird, it's just that people generally talk too much, or they're idiots, or something. If I don't seem to be warming up to you, it's because you fit into this category. :) Cheers!

2. I don't like to drink water. I avoid drinking it, but I will accept your offer of milk, juice, soda, Gatorade.

3. I also don't drink alcoholic beverages.

4. I think potatoes are the yummiest food ever. I will eat them boiled, roasted, fried, seasoned, mashed, smashed, or any other way you can think of. Just not raw.

If it seems like these are excessively food/or drink related, it's because I'm starving. I may revisit this meme at a later date.

5. I love to read, and will read anywhere and everywhere I can get away with it. Even as a child, when my dad would take forever comparing prices at the local grocery store, I would pull a box of food down and read all the information on it.

6. I think white is a great color for every household product. My laptop is white, my towels are white, my tea kettle is white, my toaster is white. If it wasn't so dang expensive, my cell phone would be white.

7. Even though I am female, I hate to talk on the phone. I prefer face-to-face, especially if I feel it is an important subject, and if I can't be face-to-face, I prefer texting. If I sound grumpy on the phone, it's because you are talking too long, and I'm contemplating how to hang up on you.

So, there you have it. Seven random things about me. That was the meme. Seven random things. If this meme makes me sound grumpy it's because a) I usually am and b) I am so hungry!