Friday, July 4, 2008

Party Like a Rockstar?

Last night, I went out to a club for a co-worker's birthday party. Originally, I wasn't planning on it, but another co-worker insisted that I should go, because she wouldn't know anyone and she didn't want to hang out alone. So, I grit my teeth, and went.

I hitched a ride with my aunt, which I knew was a bad idea in the first place, since I would stay out later, and could only really leave when she did, but the way things turned out, it was the simplest solution. I met her at work, and pitched in for my co-worker's gift, and then we jumped in her car to pick up her friend Josh. We were 30 minutes later than we said we would arrive because Josh had to do his hair. Yes, you heard it right, Josh spent 30 minutes doing his hair! I jumped out of the shower, brushed mine with a comb, and let it figure itself out. I think I must be blessed, because sometimes I end up with cute waves when I do it this way.
While we waited for Josh, I told my aunt that

1. I don't like big crowds.

and 2. I don't like being touched, or having someone in my personal space.

We got there, and things were going not so bad. I was introduced to my co-worker's brother and his girlfriend, and my aunt managed to stay around me for the first 30 minutes or so, before going off and doing her own thing. My co-worker's brother's girlfriend and I really seemed to get along, and we chatted for awhile, eating the cake and laughing. She told me that she thought I was so little and adorable, and that my bangs were really cute, and I told her that she was really sweet. (I did tell her that she was pretty, but then I worried that she might think me gay, so I just let her know that she was sweet after that. In my defense, she was pretty, with stick straight hair that my sister would admire and a cute outfit to boot.)

After that, things started to go a little downhill. My other co-worker arrived, but with a friend, so we didn't really hang out together. The music wasn't bad, although it was so loud you had to shout to be heard, and even then I didn't know if I was being heard because I couldn't even hear myself. I went home with a sore throat. One of my aunt's friend's got a lot drunk, and thought it was funny to poke me after I told my aunt to stop poking me when she spoke. I then had to tell her drunk friend to please stop touching me, and amazingly my aunt stood up for me. Sort of. She said I was weird about people touching me. Her friend didn't take the hint. It was a good thing she was a she, or I really would have been mad. Of course, I kept wondering if she was a lesbian, so I'm not sure how much her gender really helped her in the long run.

I danced a little, but only around my table, and only with my aunt. At one point, I told my aunt's boyfriend that I was going to sit outside. Being in such a huge crowd, with so many people so close, was starting to make me feel a little sick, not to mention the uber-loud music and the ever constant mist of cigarette smoke that seemed to waft in my direction no matter where the smoker was. Aside from the fact that I don't smoke, I also do not drink, but no one really seemed to give me a hard time about it, which was a blessing.

All in all, I realize that going was a Bad Idea. Next time, my co-worker(s) are just going to have to be happy with the general "Happy Birthday" I manage to grant them.

P.S. That cat up there? Yeah, he's feeling as annoyed as I was.

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Kristy said...

Ugh. I hate going out with people because they always drink to the point of excessiveness and I just get so uncomfortable around that and do not have a good time. And music too loud = no fun for me either, because for days after I hear ringing and know that I am losing hearing slowly but surely. Sorry you had a crappy time...but...

I told ya so! :P