Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday General Conference - (Hopefully) A New Habit

Usually, when general conference rolls around, I start out with the intention to listen, but if I don't engage myself, or have a strict goal in mind, I usually end up with sleeping, or doing other things, which end up distracting me. But I recently started following quite an inspiring blog by a woman who has so many good tips and ideas, as well as just fun posts, so I decided to follow her trail.
She had these packets, which she said she used during conference, and offered them up freely. They had pictures of the prophet and other likely speakers, as well as lines to write about covering the topic and any "ah-ha" moments you might have. She suggested a Friend page for littler ones. Naturally, I went there. Lol.
I printed out a packet for conference, each page giving space for writings or drawings for each speaker. It also gave ideas at the beginning, such as "What would you like to learn from this conference?" And an afterward of how to better use what you have learned. I printed these out, then sat directly in front of my laptop, and watched as well as listened. And I wrote. I was even impressed upon to write out a testimony concerning enduring, which I plan on giving next Sunday. (I may chicken out; we'll see).
All in all, I felt like I really gained from this conference, and I plan on doing much the same for following conferences, because my goals (which are personal) are always going to need to be rebuilt and built upon. I can now join others in saying I love the feeling conference gives me. :)

Edit: The blog can be found here. Enjoy!

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Kristy said...

Yay for you sister!

Now whose blog is this so we can all enjoy it as well?