Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have a lot of passions, not all of them exactly geeky. For instance, cute shoes. Which sort of leads into my post: I've been making note of different fashions around my little city, and I've decided that I'm going to try to guess What's Hot for Spring! Seriously, if I'm right, I might have a gift or something. I'll deserve to be on retainer as a consultant for some fashion magazine, and they will pay me in cute shoes and Dr. Pepper.

First up: what I have deemed as Neon Chic!
Pairing bright colors with neutral tones for really cute, eye-catching outfits and accessories. I took note of this first when I passed by a girl sporting a super cute pair of sunglasses, in neon yellow. I hate neon colors, but these rocked! Then, not long after, a woman wearing a sort of lime green blouse, with a cute beige pencil skirt and beige leather pumps walked by. I can see this catching on quick!

Next: Roman Cute Shoes

This strappy style can dress up an outfit, or just make it flirty. And it's everywhere!

And last but not least: Free Flowing Tops!

Pair these with more form fitting skirts or leggings, and you are ready to be the hottest thing to walk the sidewalks, whether it's in the university, or while shopping for more clothes in a chic boutique! (By the way, ignore some of the models. They make the cute clothes look less cute. Just notice the clothes!!)

Well, what do YOU think is going to be fashions hottest new thing?


Kristy said...

Did you make those neon collages? You can make your own collages on polyvore.com :) It's fun.

Anyways... I hear the next thing in spring fashion is white... but isn't it that every year? I'm loving the safari type looks, khaki and white, but I haven't been paying attention. Love your choices though :)

Vikki said...

LOL- did Kris hack your blog- I thought for a sec I was reading hers!