Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back to My Geek Roots

The hubs and I enjoy Netflix, as does pretty much everyone else in this great nation of streaming TV and movies. It's one of the best things to think of something you've always wanted to see and find it streaming, to watch at your leisure. Sometimes Netflix's "suggestions for you" are a bit off, but sometimes they're amazingly spot on. Take for example, Farscape, the great Australian-American science fiction series. I loved watching that as teen, and of course immediately added it to my instant queue. Which sparked an adding frenzy of all the old goodies. Sliders, The X-files (David Duchovny is the awesome), Firefly, Xena: Warrior Princess, and then, because it happened to pop into my head: Rainbow Brite! My sister and I would re-rent and re-watch that movie over and over and over again. I remember we would choose our favorite characters, who we would be if we were Rainbow Brite and friends. I can't remember what I wanted to be, but my sister wanted to be her horse, Starlite.
What a treasure trove of awesomeness right on my laptop! It's so exciting it makes me want to heat up some hot chocolate, wrap up in a thick quilt, and lay down on the floor to enjoy my favorite TV shows as I once did so many years ago.

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Kristy said...

Rainbow Brite!!! Best show EVAR!!! :)

I love X-Files too and I'm currently trying to get Justin to watch the movie with me. No success yet. :/