Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inside a Geek's Bag

I was carting my giant purse around today and realized that although it was heavy, I felt as though everything in it was essential for the day. I know not everyone would have the same detritus in their purses/bags/backpacks, but that's what makes me a geek, and YOU a normal person. So, a list! Not a top ten for Tuesday, but close enough.

Inside my bag:

1. Outside, left pocket - three different pens and my iPhone. Keeping my phone close at hand is a MUST everyday, but if I threw it into the main part of my bag, there is a possibility I would never find it again.
2. Outside, right pocket - enough spare change to purchase a myriad of delicious snacks and beverages in case of emergencies, like 2 minutes until class but I'm starving/thirsty/need caffeine!
3. Inside, hidden pocket - lip balm, cherry Chapstick, and a tiny vial of white jasmine perfume. I suffer from chapped lips and I also have this stupid habit of biting my lips, which contributes to chapped lips. Also, the little perfume smells amazing and is "supposed" to relieve stress.
4. Inside, giant Mary Poppins pocket - a family-size bag of strawberry twizzlers, because they are freaking delicious!!
My Nook - because you don't go anywhere without something to read.
A book of cryptograms - because they're fun and entertaining and I like puzzles.
A huge spiral bound, college ruled notebook, with two inside pockets - because you don't go to college without taking notes if you want to be an A student. At least, I don't.
A planner - I usually use my phone for dates and times and important events, especially since it has a way to send an "alert" to remind me of the event/paper/project. However, there is just something very satisfying to crossing something physically off of a list.
A large gray wallet - because every girl needs a place to keep the dozens of little rectangular cards that identify her, her insurance, her bank, etc.
Medicine - because I take some.

What's in YOUR purse? Do you carry anything unique or have a favorite item you wouldn't leave home without?

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Kristy said...

I'll do the what's in my purse tag! Yay! Stay tuned for mine.