Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fun Little Game

So, I sometimes like to play random point'n'click games that don't take long, you know - just to kill some time and whatnot. I know myself, and I know that starting a game of Myst is like signing away at least 4 hours of my day, so sometimes I make do with online casual games *gasp*. I found one today that I quite enjoyed. It was a fun diversion, and I thought it had great graphics and a sweet interface. It took me maybe ten minutes to get through, and I was very disappointed to find it has only 1 installment, whereas 10 installments are currently in the wings. But, as indie game creators, the makers are asking for donations. If you play and enjoy the game, or just support the indie gaming movement, maybe you should donate! Here's the link. ;) Make me a happy Geek Girl!

P.S. Their goal is quite . . . expansive, and they are nowhere near it. With less than a month to go I will not get my hopes up, but still!

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Kristy said...

Did YOU donate?