Monday, April 11, 2011

Life-Line of a Cold

I have been sick for the past couple of days, and it just so happened to coincide with the week that tests and OMG A PRESENTATION!! are due. That little freak out? In the previous sentence? That was in real time. I just remembered about the presentation. I was supposed to give it last Monday, but my professor has been sick, so I'm assuming this week will be the week she decides that I'm not too sick to reschedule. :/ Anywho, I've decided to outline the lifeline of the common cold, as experienced by me, because I'm bored and relieved my first test is done with, and I'm sick, so I'm allowed to complain.

In the beginning, all you notice is that your throat feels funny. It's not sore, it's just - weird. It might itch, or be sore, but pretty soon you're coughing.
Next day, you start to get snotty. Not too bad, but along with the snot comes the realization that you are indeed getting sick, and that you're body is letting you know by letting you feel crappy.
After that, you wake up with enough mucus to drown a walrus, a barking cough, and a head-ache. You miss church.
Next day, surprise! It's Monday. You actually can't miss today, because you have a test. A test for which you tried to study for the day before, but you just felt too crappy and ended up laying down in a cool room. So, hacking and coughing and sniffling and throat clearing loudly, you go to your school's library and study for 3 hours, all the while listening to sounds of rain and thunder on your iPhone because the library is more of a social place than a study place for these students, and you can't concentrate when there are so many conversations. Also, you can't hear how loud you're being, which makes blowing your nose/coughing, and throat clearing less embarrassing. I KNOW they can hear me, and they are thinking what I would be thinking, mainly, "Go home, you sick loser! No one wants your germs! Why are you here?!" but I soldier on through studying and the test.
Home, food, bed. In that order. Wake up from a relatively short nap to find that you are snottier, coughy-er, and achier than when you went to sleep. Also, if you don't have something good to drink soon, you may die.
I hate being sick.
So I've implemented a plan. I will now eat the suggested servings of fruits, veggies, meats, nuts, and dairy for my weight everyday. It's been three days running, and I'm doing pretty good. I'm also going to begin working out, three times a week. I haven't begun this part of the plan, as I am currently too sick to breathe, let alone do kick-boxing. I am also increasing my water consumption. From nothing. Today I have had 9 ounces. And yes, there is an app for all of these plans. Yay apps!


Vikki said...

Do you need me to make you some lumpy Malt-o Meal?

Kristy said...

So I was eating breakfast while reading this. :/

Lol I'm glad you are actually going to eat better and exercise. And drink water!

I lol'd at the party of you realizing you had a presentation due.

Get better soon!