Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Am a Chef!

My hubby worked all day today, and is now fulfilling his calling by going to a meeting at church that probably won't end until 9, so I thought of a bevy of things that I could do to contribute to the family life and well-being. I started by looking for temporary job opportunities. Not easy, considering it will have to work around my school schedule, and I can only be an employee for about 6 months since we'll be moving in January.

Then, I went online and did a bit of research, finding a website that allows me to brainstorm a shopping list before we go to the store. This is important, considering that a lot of times we forget we need something or we end up buying something we need, but didn't put on the list. (If it's not on the list, it annoys me when we have to buy it. It must be on the list!!!) Then I found that I can shop online for deals and steals, and print coupons for my local grocery store. I saved each of these sites in my bookmarks. Now I feel competent in being able to save us some money. Then, I cooked dinner!

This is not something to be read and overlooked. I do not cook. I hate cooking, and I often injure myself in the process. But again, I wanted to let Matt sit and enjoy his moments off. So, I threw together some healthy pasta (gross! No matter what people tell you, wheat pasta is never delicious). I browned some pork sausage and threw it in with some tomato sauce. All of this was random foodstuffs I found around the house we're once again pet sitting. At the last minute, I threw a couple of tiny cans of corn in the empty pasta pot and heated it up with some butter and salt. Served it up, and got a good review (from a scale of 1 to 5, one being inedible and 5 being delicious, I got a 4 - pretty good).

I also fed all of the animals and water every dead plant that is around, because they apparently need watering. All in all, I felt satisfied, knowing that I was doing what I could to contribute.

"I try to be my best." - Dollhouse