Monday, February 23, 2009

On My Shelf

I finished off another book in the Mercy Thompson series (a series that I actually started fairly close to when IT actually started, which hardly ever happens to me). The book is the newest release, Bone Crossed, and it did not disappoint!
Mercy is being targeted by the local vampire seethe, which just adds to her worries when she also has to think about what it means to be an Alpha werewolf's mate. While she fights the inevitable, romantically and magically speaking, she gets out of dodge, hoping to facilitate negotiations between the Pack and the Seethe, i.e. not get in the way.
Conveniently, an old college friend shows up and asks for her help in getting rid of a ghost which is dogging her 10-year-old son, and so she heads out in hopes of helping the mischievous poltergeist move on, only to discover she has fallen into the territory of a vampire that makes the local seethe look tame, and things aren't what they seem at all.
I waited for this book for months, and was Irish-jigging excited to find it. Definitely worth a night of full-steam-ahead reading!

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Kristy said...

You are too funny! Yeah, I've never known you to start a book at the beginning of the series, well, except Twilight, I think. But I on the other hand can NOT start a book series without starting at the beginning, for I will be lost then.