Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In My Stacks

Yet another book completed, and in so little time. It wasn't a tough one, however, so the boost in ego that I might have felt from finishing two books in such quick succession is not present. :/
What's a Ghoul to Do?, by Victoria Laurie gives a look into the life of a sassy ghost buster/ psychic medium with a sassy assistant and an awesome African Grey parrot pet named Doc. Since Victoria Laurie is herself, allegedly, a psychic medium, she writes from that viewpoint, which gives a fascinating insight into how those gifts really work, if you believe in that sort of thing.
In this first novel of her Psychic Eye mystery series, M.J is contacted by a doctor who does not believe his grandfather committed suicide, as the police have ruled. While investigating, she must solve other foreboding mysteries, such as why an agitated female spirit who has a habit of pushing things, and people, around is still on this plane of existence, not to mention why the good Dr.'s not-so-good father is running around town, causing mischief and generally being secretive, all while avoiding being killed by a mystery man for no reason she can see.
Like a said: a short read. But a good mystery, especially for those who like a more paranormal slant on their stories.

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Kristy said...

Sounds like a good read to me! You should so send it my way :P. We should do a total book swapping thing!