Saturday, February 28, 2009

IIIIII-Ron-YYYYYY! (That Spells Irony)

Today on Discovery Channel, they're doing a bit of a boring documentary on the state of things in China. The biggest economic growth in China is coal mining. Thousands of workers break their backs in the mines, breathing bad air and risking their lives to provide for their families, because the coal mining industry is just booming over there. It's one of the reasons they are growing economically, and economic growth is a top priority in China. In 2006, 47 miners died in the U.S of mining related accidents. 47,000 miners died the same year of mining related accidents in China.

This is all very sad to me, especially when I think of the families-wives and children who must worry that their husbands and fathers may not return. It's not just a dangerous field in China, it is a dangerous field in the U.S. Yes, the death rate was smaller here, but so is the amount of workers in such a field.

What I happened to find truly ironic about this, however, was that in the middle of a commercial break during this documentary outlining the atrocious conditions of mining, a certain commercial popped on. Maybe you've seen it. Obama, with his usual charisma and crowd of worshipers cheering him on, is calling for a "change." No more relying on outside countries for our fuel sources, no! Instead, we should concentrate our efforts on trying to find a way to use COAL as our fuel, instead of oil. It could create jobs for thousands! It could stimulate our economy!
Tell me I'm not the only that has just compared our President's intentions with those of Communist China's. . .