Friday, July 25, 2008

Putting the "Girl" in GeekGirl

I recently went on a bit of an Internet shopping spree (is there any other for a GeekGirl?), the sales and clearance section of the Victoria's Secret website. I found the cutest pairs of pants ever: twill and trousers and sexy, skinny jeans, oh my! I wanted desperately to find a few good shirts, but all of them are decidedly meant to stay inside the pages of a supermodel magazine, and not on, oh say. . .me. *sigh* Seriously, who, outside of Hollywood stars, wears a shirt (labeled under "tees") that plunges down to your navel?

Their shoes didn't really warrant more than a quick peak, but I managed to find a tankini that I feel in love with: a dark khaki color with lime trimming. Teh cute! I ordered it with extra length since my torso is long and I need one that doesn't hitch over my navel. All in all I bought 4 Victoria Secret items and managed to save over a hundred dollars. Am I an awesome shopper, or what?


Kristy said...

Wow what a coincidence. I just ordered a bikini, a pair of parents and lovely panties that will be here in about a week. Can't wait!

Kristy said...

HAH... parents... can't wait till they arrive!