Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekends, Weekends . . .

My sister came down this past Saturday to hang out and shop with me, which was a lot of fun. I hardly ever get a chance to be really girly unless I'm with her, and I'm usually not in the mood to be girly unless I'm with her. Lol. Funny how that works out . . . We hit the mall first, stopping off at several clothing stores. I was looking for shirts and pants appropriate for working in, but still cute enough to wear whenever, and my sister was looking for beauty products and such. I'm big on trying to hit only sales racks, but that doesn't mean I'll settle for crap, so it's hard to find exactly what I want sometimes. In the end, I walked out with two t-shirts and an ADORABLE wallet that I did not need, but bought because . . . well, it was adorable. It was just fun in general to be shopping, even if I didn't buy a lot. We went to a few shoe stores, and one of them even had my favorite brand name, SUGAR, which makes adorable shoes, but I wasn't up for buying them because none of them really grabbed me. : (

Afterward, we went to my favorite store on the planet: Barnes and Noble. Of course, I immediately left my sister's side to peruse the aisles. At one point, I think I told her to go do something else besides following me. : P I bought four books: When Demons Walk, by Patricia Briggs; The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova; Night Shift, by Lilith Saintcrow; and Queen of Babble in the Big City, by Meg Cabot, which is a favorite author of both me and my sister. All in all I was very proud of myself, because I didn't spend more than the budget I had set for myself.

We then went to my aunt's house to visit my cousin Sara, since my sister hasn't seen her in forever. We went out to eat and acted crazy and cracked other up. Then we went back to my aunt's place and took some pictures, after which, I got bored and watched TV while they played on MySpace and messed around with make-up and such. I might be in a girly mood, but I am not a big fan of make-up. And I'm not the kind of person that can play on MySpace for hours. I have to have something else to do, or I go nuts. So, I watched Just Friends. At one point I started to get really grumpy and worried because it was getting so late and my sister still had the hour and a half drive to go before making it back home.

When she finally dropped me back off at my house, I told her to call me as soon as she made it home, otherwise I would call her. I was determined to stay awake until that call, so I read a book, and even though I was getting so sleepy my eyes were going blurry, I just shut one and read with the other, clearer one, until my sister called at 1 in the morning to say that she had made. Phew. I fell asleep soon after.

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Kristy said...

We had sooo much fun! You bought Queen of Babble in the Big City? I want to "finish" that series so to speak, but I just couldn't stand the first book cause she just talked to much and got herself into such trouble with her mouth, it just annoyed me the entire time. And I love Meg Cabot... but that series I just can't finish.