Thursday, April 10, 2008

Adventure Games: My Click of the Mouse

So, today I bought a new book along with a new game at my local Half-Priced Book Store. More on the book when I actually get to reading it, but the game is Dream Fall: The Longest Journey. It has been rated as the best adventure game of its year, and I remember the time when I could not wait to try my mouse on it. It sounded so awesome, but something prevented me from actually buying it until now (lack of funds, perhaps?). At a price of a little over seven bucks, which I was more than happy to shell out, I went home and immediately installed it. This took awhile. I'm not sure if it's just me, but it seems that software installs slower on Windows Vista than it originally did on Windows ME 2000 or Windows XP (and to think, I complained about ME). I've been able to play quite a bit (ok, I have to admit: I can play the thing for, literally, hours), and I'm really liking it. The graphics are beautiful, if you keep in mind that it is a couple of years old, and the worlds seem so rich and full of depth. The characters are interesting, and there is a mysterious storyline that opens up at just the right pace. Currently, I'm stuck, which will happen if you're going to play any game that is worth it's salt. I'm not so great at sneaking around. I'm more of a shove-the-door-open-and-throw-in-a-grenade kinda girl, but sneaking is necessary in this adventure. This is my first real foray outside of First Person Shooters, so the amount of dialogue is different, but I'm enjoying it. It's almost like an interactive book! Plus, it has 6 frigging disks! That should keep me occupied for quite some time (if I can get past THIS. ONE. PART!)


Anonymous said...

Yay for eating healthy? And who calls it a hippie store? I've never heard that. I've only heard health foods store. So there. And there's nothing wrong with watching over your body. You only get one body, so treat it good. Oh, and, I want pears now thank you very much.

Hope you enjoy the game. I wonder if I would like it? Probably not, but you know me best so let me know.

Anonymous said...

Um... that first question mark is meant to be an exclamation point. I'm a little overly tired at the moment. Sorry!