Monday, October 3, 2011

Ode to Libraries

I've always loved books, and with that came a true love for libraries as a safe haven. When I was young, I was very happy to get books for Christmas. I remember one year I got a Saddle Club Series book and just loved reading it and several installments thereafter.

I remember The American Girls.
I remember a series dedicated to the voices of young girls who would have been on the front lines of history - a girl during the civil war, the Boxer Rebellion, the Underground Railroad - all fictional, but nonetheless powerful.

And libraries were a big part of my love. Every Tuesday evening, my dad and I would go to the library. While I was too afraid of leaving my parents' sides in public places, I easily wandered off in the library and made myself at home in the stacks. Libraries are just so quiet, so peaceful and soothing, and very organized. I knew if I needed my dad, I would find him in the Sci-Fi section or reading a magazine while waiting for me to finish looking at books.

I stayed over in the children's section until I was about 10. My dad kept saying I should move to the adult section, there were tons of books I liked, but I didn't feel I could relate to the people in them. That didn't stop me from reading his books when he finished them.

And of course I had a favorite librarian. She was blond, with light blue eyes. I don't remember her name but she always talked and laughed with us at the check out desk. She always had a smile. She always exclaimed over my choices. When I think of a real librarian, she's the model I use: young, cool, sassy.

Libraries have always been important to me, now even more so, because I still feel safe, and I feel connected to my dad when I wander the stacks now.

THAT is why I want to be a librarian.