Saturday, October 29, 2011


My laptop has been on the fritz now for, oh-2 years now, and we were finally fed up with its shenanigans. The battery held charge for 5 minutes, and I think I'm being a bit too generous with that guess-timation. The charging port was loose, causing the charger to pop loose at a wrong glance, and if I didn't scramble fast enough, my computer died. Restarting it took ages, but it was necessary if the charger fell from the port since for some reason that rendered my headphones useless.
My biggest concern was that, when I begin to work on getting my master's in library science, the computer would die unexpectedly, like oh-in the middle of an important 20 page paper!!1!1 Or perhaps in a video conference with a professor. So. Hubs and I went computer shopping and bought me a nice, little gold Asus: light-weight, compact, and best of all, a real battery that holds it's charge and a charging port that actually grips the charger. Aside from that, there are crazy good schematics that have been ok'ed by my husband, the computer science whiz. Yay laptops!

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Kristy said...

Congratulations on your new laptop. :)