Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's in a Name?

I was watching a movie recently, and was struck by the way names are used to really convey the idea of a character. For example, the name Kristy was used in conjunction with a tall, blonde, athletic, popular and attractive high school girl. I have to say, she did epitomize the name Kristy. Even the spelling singles it out as new and fresh. In a recent poll run by the Baby Name Wizard shows high agreement that "Kristy" is sexy, friendly and young.

Kristy is "A short form of Christine, which is derived from the Latin Christiāna, which is from christiānus, a derivative of the Greek christianos (a Christian, a follower of Christ)."

So, how did this name become linked with adjectives you may not link to Christianity? I believe the name has been used historically and most commonly by WASP families.

So, what about my real name? Well, I've concluded (on my own) that it's less "sexy" and more grounded because it is primarily used by White Anglo-Saxon Catholics. A follow-up on my own name shows in an identical poll that my name is associated with smarts, strength, and sophistication. Not exactly the bubbly popular teen. I have my own image of what my name corresponds with and I can say with confidence that smart, strong, and sophisticated work, but they left out "home-body" "staid" and "somewhat boring".

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Kristy said...

Yeah I don't fit those categories.. I'm like the last three you mentioned as well. :P