Saturday, October 15, 2011

Habitat for Humanity

Today, as a service project with my group 'o kids, we did a Habitat for Humanity Day. We showed up at the site at around 7 this morning. I was starting to feel awake after several donut holes and a jelly filled eclair, plus an ice cold Diet Dr. Pepper, so as the sun began to rise, I scampered up a ladder before hubby could see and watched the sun come up on the roof of the house.

At some point, I realized there wasn't much for me to do, so when my husband wielded a nail gun, I asked if I could give it a try. Apparently, I'm a natural, since I made few mistakes and hit the stud dead on. I also reinforced the bottom inch at the base. My thighs were on fire from crouching so long!

By noon, reinforcements came by way of pizza, and after a quick jaunt to a gas station for bathroom break and soda run, we were back to work. We finished reinforcing the walls, and papering the roof, not to mention beginning some siding work. The guys in charge were pretty impressed. We weren't as efficient as professionals, but we get a job done and we get it done right!

Very tiring, all in all, but satisfying. They ran out of things for us to do by 2, so we headed on home. Good day.

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Kristy said...

Good for you sister! So proud of you and hubs. :)