Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why I Hate People

Seriously, 12 years of free education has failed to teach someone the very basics of science? I remember learning about rainbows in 4th grade, 7th grade, AND 9th grade, not to mention College geology, but I don't begrudge them if they couldn't afford that. Still, does this person do ANY research? Have they bothered to use Google? Will someone put them out of my misery?!


(Go to for more great FAIL.)


Kristy said...

She's brilliant. Yes... it's a conspiracy with the government in the form of pretty little rainbows showing up in our sprinkler systems. What evil plan could this be!??!?!?


At least she said some intelligent words like "visible spectrum"... you have to give her props for that.

Robert said...

Wow, that is made up of epic fail. What's next, pondering the unnatural strangeness of her own belly button? "Oh noes! I have a hole in mah belleh! The government must be using it to pump things in to my body while I'm sleepin'!"

Faith said...

*head desk* That is so horrible, not to mention embarrassing. Just, wow, that's so sad...really!