Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Nerd Herd!

As my day off, Wednesdays are usually full of naps, reading, and surfing the web. Thus I found "Chuck," on Hulu. I'd heard about it, but I wasn't too sure it was my kind of show. And then I saw an advertisement on Hulu's TV home page for it. "Chuck. He's not shaken, he's nerd." Immediately, I was hooked. I watched all available episodes (4, or was it 5?). Although I don't know the back story specifics because only the last few episodes of season one were available, I can say that he somehow has all sorts of secret government information downloaded in his mind, thus dubbing him the nation's most prized possession, or "the Intercept." Numbers, letters, faces, pictures: anything can set him off into a "flash," where he recieves instant information from his little brain.

The totally awesome thing about this show is that Chuck is a normal geek guy working at a "Buy More" store in the "Nerd Herd" area. His friends bet on the roll of the dreidel; they decide who is to be the Assistant Manager by staging an underground fighting cage; they drink grape soda "on the rocks." In other words, they kept me laughing. It's meant to be a comedy, with a little action on the side. Check it out, and see the Nerd Herd for yourself!

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Kristy said...

AhAhHAUHuahUAhAUhAUha "He's not shaken, he's nerd". Classic.