Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Geeky Reading

Sure reading itself is a bit of a nerdy hobby, but I've leaned to accept the geekiness that it lends me. But sometimes, the books themselves increase the geekiness tenfold. Case in point: the two books that I have been reading lately. Magic: The Gathering-Shadowmoor Anthology and Magic: The Gathering-Eventide.

Just one look at the front of Eventide, and you'll recognize that it basically fits every geek boy's fantasy art. The books are based on the card game, which I am slowly changing my opinions about. Some people like to read or play computer games to perk their little bad days up; others like to play card games where their imagination can take them far and kick some trash along the way.

The Anthology I read first, basically a whole set of stories introducing creatures from the world iof Shadowmmoor. Cinders, Boggarts, Elves, Kithkin, Merrows: all of them strange in their own way, and mostly vengeful, terrible enemies to each other. In fact, each story seemed to end in some horrible twist that made you realize that Shadowmoor is a dangerous place to be anything, including a Treefolk.

Eventide takes the charcters and creatures from the Anthology and expands on them, explaining a little bit about how the world once was, and why it now is. It introduces a few new characters, and kills off many, many more. Full of elemental magic and plots of Shadowmoor domination, Eventide has kept me turning pages in an effort to find out what those crazy beings will think of next.


Robert said...

That is indeed geeky reading. I love Magic, but I never got into the books. Looks like we're in opposite corners on that. Though after reading this post I may have to reconsider. They sound pretty fun.

Kristy said...

Wow... I think those books would put me to sleep.