Saturday, September 3, 2011

Doggies Are a Geeks Best Friend

My lovely little dog Sophie adores me, and I have to say that I feel content when I look into her big brown eyes and see how truly happy she is (ew, I ended a sentence with a preposition). She lays languorously across my lap, her chin up for scratches, her eyes half closed with doggie bliss. Doggies are a geeks best friend!

I rescued Sophie a little before my 19th birthday. My favorite sister (love you!) knew I wanted a puppy and we'd looked in the classified ads to find puppies for sale. We made an appointment with a lady about a brand new dachshund, but halfway there my sister got a call saying the last puppy had been sold. Thank goodness for that! We went to PetSmart, where they host a few local adoption agencies every weekend. I walked in, smiling at all the chipper, yippie puppies waiting for some love, and then my smile turned into bemusement.

"What is THAT?" I asked, pointing to one lonely dog, laying quietly in her pen, looking docile and content. "That" was my soon to be rescued pooch. I couldn't resist going up for a closer look. A short, coarse tan and brown brindle coat covered what appeared to be a very small hyena. But the moment I pressed my hand to the bars of her cage, I was a goner. She didn't jump and run and dash about madly, like the other puppies; she simply began to lick my fingers. I immediately asked if I could interact with her outside of her pen.

The ladies of the rescue agency made it very clear that this pup had been looking for a home for quite a while. It's easy to overlook a strange looking hyena when there are floofy, yippie balls of excitement all around. However, Sophie was very calm, very sweet. She walked up to me and my big sis and sniffed us, cautiously giving us a few kisses as we cooed over her and pet her. When we stopped the petting, she sweetly jumped up and looked at us with those big brown eyes as she softly leaned into our legs. I didn't have the heart to put her back in that cage.

So it is; I now have a sweet, older, content chihuahua/min pin mix. She still looks at me with those big brown eyes. She cuddles with me when I watch TV, and gets super excited when the leash is anywhere near my hand. She has a sweet disposition, and quiet way of being. One of the best investments I've ever made. :)


Kristy said...

Aww this brought tears to my eyes! I remember that day! She is one lucky pooch.

Vikki said...

Sweet Sophie- the one who brings a smile to our faces and loves to kiss right on the mouth!