Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Maybe I'm just on a nostalgic kick (I *did* buy little boxes of Hershey's chocolate milk, the kind that I used to drink in first grade alongside my peanut butter and jelly sandwich) but does anyone else remember those really cool science books they put out for kids? Or even just the ones for anyone who is interested: I used to go into the adult nonfiction just searching for one that struck my fancy. I checked one out on snakes, another on insects, and these were for adults! The kids stuff was way cooler. They read something like Discover: Ancient Egypt, and inside was a full color, fascinating format of a book stocked with awesome brainy information. Seriously, what were they called? I miss those, and I may buy some if I can find them. . .

P.S. Incidentally, I found what I was talking about while looking for a cool visual for this post. Cheers!

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Kristy said...

Yay good for you. I love nostalgia... but I don't remember what you're talking about. :)