Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let Them Eat Figs!

I've been on quite an historical/historical fiction kick lately, and I have been reading several books that breathe fire into ancient lives. So when I saw that figs were being sold in the fruit section of our grocery store, I managed to convince my husband to buy us one little, fresh fig.
The outside was dark purple, plump and firm, but still delicate. A stem stuck out of the top, giving it a tear drop shape. We rinsed it off and sliced the stem off, revealing soft white sweet-smelling flesh. I took a cautious first bite. It was like eating a mildly sweet, earthy tasting peach. The flesh was soft, but firm, and the middle was full of small, crunchy edible seeds surrounding a hollow center. After Hubs took a bite, I asked for some honey, since that is the usual way of eating them in books and whatnot. It added a distinct, sweet taste without canceling out the earthy taste of the fig beneath.
As I like trying new and interesting things, and I am glad I can say I have tasted a real, fresh fig and I could describe it as well! Would I buy one again? Probably not; but it was a good experience to have had.

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Kristy said...

I've never read a book where they eat figs. :/