Monday, August 8, 2011

Big Purses v. Little Purses

Like a majority of females on this planet, I have owned and utilized both gigantic purses, and small purses. In fact, I just downgraded in size (not style) recently, and at first I was very skeptical about my new, smaller purse. First of all, the top of my Nook stuck out a little. I wasn't sure I was ok with that, but on the other hand, I keep my purse so close to my person, I doubt anyone will snatch it from my clutches, let alone reach for items already noticeable. Same with my day-planner (but, really, who's going to steal a day-planner?). And today, I realized just how much I appreciate my compact holdall.

With larger purses, sure I could carry everything I needed, but I couldn't necessarily get to everything I need. This resulted in me being surprised and delighted, when switching from the larger handbag, to the small hobo, to find all sorts of things I'd forgotten I owned: you know, lip gloss, perfume, gum, my social security card. . .

A smaller bag equals better access to these important little items, and the limited space makes you really think about what you need to carry versus what strikes your fancy at the moment (flip-flops?!). The main bullet point of this post, basically, is smaller is better. Believe me, I'm only 5'2". But remember, it has to be something you love: nothing better than wearing a cute outfit, adorbs shoes, and a perfect handbag to tie it all together.

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Kristy said...

I just recently bought myself a very small crossbody bag and I have to say I love how light it makes me!