Saturday, June 11, 2011

Desert Island

I know that people who play the little MMO games provided for free by Facebook are painted as loners, time wasters, and no-lives, but I currently have a few that probably take all of ten minutes to play at several points during the day, and I enjoy them. They're a fun distraction when I'm bored, or a good time-out when I'm studying.

In saying that, I'm not going to name game names here but I currently play one where you can enter costume contests and vote on who has the best look for that particular theme. The problem is, people don't stick to the theme. "OMG, her heels are gorgeous! VOTE!" The current theme is Desert Island. Now, if I had the chance to choose what I could wear before being marooned on a desert island, well, it would be much more practical than the game allows.

1. I would wear hiking boots. Wearing heels is just stupid, and going barefoot is worse in my opinion. When you're stuck on a desert island and you break an ankle or get bitten on the sole of your foot by some snake you stepped on, there will be no one there to save your butt. But of course, those heels ARE fab!

2. Sunglasses. These don't seem to be a problem on the game, considering they're so in right now.

3. Something to cover my head. None of this cute headband crap, I'm talking a thick bandanna. One that I could remove and soak in water before replacing it on my head. By doing so, I can avoid heat stroke and sunburned scalp in one go.

4. Would I go for full body covering? Probably not. Although I've heard it recommended, I would get too hot too fast. I'd probably wear shorts and a short top. While this exposes me to sun, insects, and bites of other kinds, I like to believe in my own little world that I am smart and capable, and therefore won't have these issues, especially since -

5. I will carry two or three accessories. A sharp pointy stick, and a giant bottle of sun screen, SPF 30. And as we all know, pets are accessories, too, but I wouldn't bring mine as so many from the make believe game have. I have a small dog. What would happen if I brought her? Well, since she's domesticated, she'd probably not make it, and if she did and I happened to be starving . . . I'd like to believe I'd eat other things or die trying, but there's really no telling. Also, none of this "I've got a cell phone/laptop" crap. How are you going to charge your battery? How are you going to find a signal or WiFi? That's right, your cellphone will turn into a disappointment and your laptop will be a big ol' heavy paperweight.

I know chances are slim of ever surviving when stuck on a desert island, but a few precautions, a lot of sense, and an acceptance that hard work will get you everything could go a long way. Hey, kind of like life, right?

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