Saturday, June 18, 2011


I'm sort of in a mad studying frenzy because I have a midterm soon, but this is a quick and easy little meme that I copied from my sis over at Stumbled Into Fate, so, here is my life right at this moment!

Currently reading:
Feed by Mira Grant; zombies and bloggings and presidential campaigns, oh my! It's actually quite astute, and the main characters are so much fun. Also, I thought it might be boring, but the many different mysteries that pop up as well as the full-on drama of a presidential campaign in the middle of a zombie world make it totally worth the read. I mean, zombies, right?!

Currently playing this list:
Well, rain. I know it sounds weird, but when I study, noise bothers me. Any noise, really. So, I figured out that when I play the natural sounds of a rainstorm on my iPod, with my new fantastic sounding retro headphones, I can actually get into a really good study zone. I've been making A's with this method, so I think I'll keep with it.

Currently loving this color:
Ok, so it's not a color, per se. But I'm sort of liking monochrome, soft, cool colors. Also, I love winter and it never gets cold enough to snow here.

Currently drinking:
Neuro Drinks. I took myself off of caffeine a little over a week ago, and found these little gems in my campus mart. I tried the sleep one first, and crashed for exactly 8 hours, but I was dead tired the entire next day. I tried the focus one next, while studying, and didn't really notice a difference except that I could stand to study longer instead of taking so many breaks, thus giving myself extra time later to veg out. The Bliss drink was yummy, but I'm not sure I noticed an effect. In their defense, I didn't drink it very quickly, I finished it over the course of the evening and night. If I did notice anything, I chalked it up to be placebo, because, well I just don't think a drink can make you happy unless it has mind-altering qualities, and as far as I could tell this one just had some herbs and vitamins.

Currently eating:
Last night, I had Whataburger. Heaven!

Currently watching:
Better Off Ted. It's just funny! I love Veronica; she's my hero! Lol.

Currently Wishing:
I could have a full day at the spa. I don't like being touched, but I would really like a massage, a facial, 15 minutes in a sauna, being wrapped in seaweed, whatever they do in spas that make people look and feel vibrant, fresh, and most of all - CHILL.

Currently need:
This semester to be over, with two A's as final grades. Barring that, caffeine. :P

Currently FTW:
"Libraries are the number one place where SHH happens"

I got a job at the university library! Yay me! It's so much fun!

Currently annoying:
Losing stuff. Also, trying to find a well-balanced meal for each mealtime when I really just want a freaking Snickers bar and some Twizzlers.

Currently crushing on this celebrity:
Jason Statham.

Currently blessed with:
Hubs! I love my hubs!

Currently indulging with:

Candy bars and Twizzlers. Lol.

Currently wearing:

The Night Owl Mystery Bookstore t-shirt in chocolate and beige sweatpants.

Currently excited about:

Meh. I usually save my excitement for the moment.

Currently feeling:

Hungry and high-strung. Blech.

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Kristy said...

Mmmm Jason Statham... that is all. :)