Monday, March 14, 2011

Week: Pt. 1

My past week has been one heck of a full week. Hectic day faded into hectic day until I was ready to just climb into bed, under the covers, and stay buried in an ursine manner until my food reserves forced me to come out and face, if not the world, at least the kitchen. This is why this blog post is in two parts.

Part 1: Monday through Wednesday

Monday: After a quick run-through at work; errands, copies, mail check, shredding, mailing - I went to my Monday class in which a demonstration was shown. Coming home, I immediately set to work reading necessary chapters for my History and Systems of Psychology class. The rest of chapters 6, 7, and 8 took 4 hours to read. Not because the content was boring, or I am a slow reader, mind you, but because that book is SO FREAKING DENSE. Afterward, I took a shower and finally went to bed at 11:00 pm but didn't fall asleep until 12:49 pm, according to my sleep cycles alarm clock.

6:30 - Went to seminary to speak to the high school kids there about what a blessing a temple marriage is.
7:10 - Went home, fell back to sleep. Hit snooze one too many times; thank goodness I wasn't missing anything important in my first class. After a run to work in which the professor gave me time off to study, I quickly made a cheat sheet (relax, it's allowed). After using most of a page to cover just chapter 5, I realized that there was no way I would be able to fit my notes on one side of a sheet of paper, and gave up.
2:00 - Test time.
2:40 - Ran to the library and bulked up on some extra research for my literature review.
3:25 - Went to Walgreens, waited awhile in line. Ran to the apartment to grab my Psych book for the next test and a jar of pasta sauce to make dinner with at the house we were pet-sitting.
4:10 - Made it to the other house.
5:10 - Immediately began work on my literature review as soon as M left for class. Five hours later (forced break between in which my husband made me eat), it was finished. M refused to proofread it, as it was past his bedtime. Tried in vain to submit it online, but the web application refused to accept. Sent a frantic email explaining the situation to my professor, even though the paper wasn't technically due until the next day at noon.

Wednesday -
9:00 - Lab. Demonstration where we broke down "what's wrong with this research?" Deadlines for lab work AND paper I wrote in panic and desperation extended to Friday.
10:00 - Lent my Lab assignment workbook to another student. The words, "Mine has somehow disappeared" should have tipped me off. I informed her that I still needed to complete my lab work, but that I was going to use the extra time to study for the test that afternoon. I was promised I would get the workbook back before the test that day.
2:00 - Test begins. No sign of fellow student with my workbook.
2:50 - I turn my test in and inform the instructor that I now have no lab workbook. He tells me to meet him after class and he'll lend me his.
3:15 - I see the professor walking in the hallway of his office floor; he stops to talk to a student whom I was talking to, I assume he sees me. I go wait in his office.
3:45 - I give up after the secretary informs me he's probably in a meeting. I tell her I'll be back during his next office hours. When might those be? Oh, not until Friday morning: the day the lab work is due. Fantastic.

Send off an email in which I do not let my ire show, but DO tell the student that I want my lab book back pronto. Still no reply as of today. Awesome.

Tomorrow: A fun-filled view of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Stay tuned!

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Kristy said...

No fun but at least maybe the week went by fast? Where is part II?