Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Know, I Know. . .

I'm a horrible blogger! But I've been enjoying a much needed break in which I have done absolutely nothing, except clean house. So, where was I?


Thursday: Thursday was kind of an off day in that nothing was really due, although I did edit and submit my literature review. Thursdays are a special day in that my hubby and I go to a friend's house, eat foods and snacks, watch basketball, play Call of Duty, and then ARCHER! We call it: "Archer Night." However, that Thursday it was cancelled. :(

10:00 - Get to school, pray my professor is actually in his office. Yes, he is. Borrow his Lab book and rush downstairs to the computer labs where I quickly do the first chapter. However, the computer is actually an admin computer, meaning I have to have a password in order to use my jump drive to save any work. No biggie, I'll just save it on the desktop. Homework #1 done and uploaded, but not yet submitted online. Opening a new document page to complete the second homework, when a security alert pops up saying that certain "properties" of the program have been blocked due to their unsafe nature. You know, unnecessary properties like "Save" and "Analyze Data". I restart the computer, only to realize what was uploaded was not submitted (because I have to submit both together or she only gets one), and was therefore deleted from both the attachment page of the homework submission page AND the desktop to which it was saved. Awesomeness.
11:00 - I move computers. I redo Homework #1, save it to my jump drive, and thank goodness I did because this computer also blocked "properties" when I tried to do Homework #2. Restarted computer (which temporarily fixed the problem) and did Homework #2, uploaded and submitted both. Whew. Sigh of relief!
12:10 - Sent off an email to a lab coordinator letting them know that their security program is screwing up OUR lab program. Pretty sure they could give a crap.

9:30 - Paint-ball with the young men of our church. If you've never gone paint-balling before, you should know, it requires much use of muscles and quick reflexes. There's a lot of crouching in bushes and behind trees and brush, and inside forts or behind anything that can be used for cover. There's also a lot of crouched running, a lot of scanning the horizons, a lot of protective clothing (if you don't want it to hurt TOO bad when you get nailed), and a lot of heat. Oh, and ants that I did not realize were present until after crawling through brush.
3:00 - I nailed at least one guy in the four games I played. I may have hit another, but it was hard to tell. I had tons of fun and did not get hit, although from the popping sounds coming from the other side of my cover (a piece of upended plywood) it was not for lack of trying on my enemies' part.
5:00 - OMG! My thighs, my butt, my knees, and my lower back are killing me! Please, knock me out and wake me up when my body decides to adjust to abused muscles that are rarely used.

12:00 - Go to my primary class and teach a lesson.
1:00 - Leave early to clean house we've been pet-sitting and get all of our gear in order. Take Sophie home along with myriad other supplies and a bagful of laundry.
2:30 - Go straight from hauling things back and forth and up and down stairs (my thighs and butt are dying!) to the new singles branch that has just been established, in which my husband has been made 1st counselor.
6:00 - Four hours of church. Done. Must eat lest I die. Cannot move; muscles hurt. Thank goodness Monday is the start of Spring Break!

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Kristy said...

Love it. I laughed many times while reading this.