Thursday, November 11, 2010

Your problems? Not Mine.

One of my coworkers called in sick today, so I had to man his department. I was actually really glad because I didn't have to worry about Miss-Tattle-Tale or Big-Boss-Lady popping into the office every hour or so unexpectedly and could happily read my book in peace (while, of course, getting the job done right.) I had a peanut butter Twix and a Dr. Pepper to keep the munchies away, and all was well.

Until SHE walked in.

I don't know what this person's issues are, but she has them. I asked if she had an ID with her. SP, I promise.

"It's in my car," she snapped.

"Well, you need an ID in order to continue."

"You want my to go get it?!" (Incredulity. How dare I suggest she follow the rules?)

"Yes, please."

Big, disgusted sigh.
I'm not sure why this was a big deal, but when she returned, she threw the ID down. I took it, gave it a look, set it in front of me, and told her what computer was available.

"Can I have my ID back," she snapped at me again.
Honestly, at this point, it was beyond tiring.

"Well, I keep it for you, and then when you sign out, you get it back." (Weird, I know, but SP, again. Usually.)

"I don't want to forget it."

"You won't. I'll hand it back; don't worry." (I may even have smiled!)
Then she stared at me incredulously.

So, we had a staring contest. I finally raised my eyebrows in the classic "What do you want?" look that is, I admit, pretty impertinent and tends to piss people off.
"They've never kept my ID before," she barked.
I couldn't very well tell her it's because the new worker is incompetent and doesn't bother with pesky rules, but instead I silently handed the ID back. Whatever. It was either comply, or lose it and tell her I was being paid to help her (she could, you know, go to the next closest place that offers our services, which is about 4 hours away), so she should probably treat me a little bit nicer. I'm NOT getting paid enough to put up with tantrums and drama queens.

Afterward, I asked the coworker who had called in, via text, whether this girl was usually rude. He tried to reply diplomatically but he confirmed she was, indeed, not nice. Brownie points to me for not telling her exactly what I thinking!

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Kristy said...

I hate people like that!! Sorry you had to deal with that sister. :( BTW, what does SP mean?