Friday, July 3, 2009

In Which I Give Another Unbiased Opinion

I know that this subject is probably old, considering I've had it on my iPhone almost as long as I've had my iPhone, but the Pandora Radio app is teh awesome. Not only was it free, but it seems to know what I want to hear next.

All you have to do is tap it up, and type in what you want to hear: Fall Out Boy, Jack Johnson, etc., or even a type of music: Indie, Alternative, Rock, Pop. Then the app takes what you gave it and gives you your favorite songs, and introduces you to new songs by similar artists, or artists whose sound fits what you want to hear.

A good example: I'm currently listening to the Jack Johnson radio station (yes, he has his own on Pandora radio), and suddenly a Bob Marley song came on. I am not a big Bob Marley fan. In fact, I'm not really a fan at all. But the song Is This Love segued from Jason Mraz and I told myself I should listen before judging, so I did. Does anyone else agree that that song is kind of, well . . . sexy? So, I gave it a thumbs up, another great aspect of the app.

You can give a song a thumbs up or a thumbs down, depending on how you're liking it. A thumbs down stops the song and moves you onto the next. Also, you can pause on any song, or skip any you're not in the mood for. I've been listening for over a half hour, and I must say that I've given a thumbs up to most of the songs.

Honestly, I don't see why you wouldn't have this app, even if you don't listen to music that often. I only listen to music when I'm in certain moods. I'm a moody listener. :P And yet, here I am, listening to Dispatch, a band I've never even heard of, and I'm thinking about giving it a thumbs up. It certainly makes the afternoon more palatable.

Pandora has opened the box to a whole new music world for me and it's all good from what I can hear.

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Kristy said...

I agree, this app is awesome! I love it!!! It led me to find my new favorite song, one I haven't heard in years, now I can't stop listening to it!