Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The General Public . . .

I know that television networks base their shows contracts on viewers' preferences. The more people who click in, the more rave reviews and recognition a TV show and its cast receives, the better the chances are that the show will continue on for seasons to come.

Examples: Desperate Housewives, ER, Friends. Shows that the public have gone absolutely nuts over. And the seasons kept on rolling on out. Or keep on going, in Desperate Housewives' case. But what is the deal with the newer shows, or am I just now noticing the trend?

The sex/drugs combo sells, and it seems that lately, it has been selling quite well. Nip/Tuck, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, even a newer show where a rich family has its own dirty laundry of sex and drugs that is probably going to enjoy a long spot on its network all seem to have people tuning in religiously (or Tivo-ing, in more and more cases).

This blog isn't to rant on an amoral society. I don't like that stuff, so I steer clear. What I'm annoyed over is the fact that the shows that I like -good shows with strong followings!- are getting the shaft! Come on, people, one season of Firefly? I KNOW Firefly has a huge following, even now, and yet it was only one season long. I blame a lack of advertising. I'd never even heard of it until it popped up one day on SciFi. And what about John Doe? I'm just now getting into it, right into season one, and I realized that one season is really all I'm getting. And why do I have a feeling that Bionic Woman is going to go the way of these others?

The only science fiction show that has really taken off is Battlestar Galactica. That thing is like a soap opera and a scifi flick all wrapped into a nice burrito of oh snap, that just happened. It's as though if a show does not keep our ADD public constantly inundated with more and more drama, the show isn't worth it. Not fast-paced enough? Good-bye, show. Someone actually knows their baby's daddy? Trash. The in-laws aren't killers? Not worth the effort.

All I'm saying is this: we geeks like our techie, geeky, fact-full shows. So support a geek, and give our shows a chance. We'll thank you for it by making books and crazy fan fiction and hosting conventions and dressing up in crazy-weird outfits for the movies that will inevitably come. :) Oh, and we'll probably shake your hand. . . if you come to our conventions.


Kristy said...

Haha... what convention are you going to? You and I both chickened out at the HP release night party!

Robert said...

I blame the networks for a lot of the problems like you were saying. A combination of poor advertising and terrible timeslots and restrictions on the creators. Firefly got all 3 of those. It was barely advertised, it was put on FRIDAY nights, and they made them change what was supposed to be the pilot. They made "Train Job" after Fox told them that the 2 part pilot didn't have enough action or something. So, without that first episode fans were left confused and disconnected from the characters since they didn't get introduced. Fox is retarded! I hope they don't do the same to Dollhouse when it comes out.