Sunday, May 18, 2008

Being Girly (While Buying Dad Birthday-Boy Stuff)

This weekend I made a trip up to my hometown to be there with my family for my father's birthday. This trip was a last minute decision, since I had no idea my dad's birthday was on Saturday, so my sister and I made quick plans to head to the nearest mall (30 minutes away) and shop til we, found him something good.

Our first stop at the mall was Best Buy. My father only really likes two things: books and computers (and their games), but since my mom already took away the easy gifts: Best Buy gift card and Walden books gift card, I had to actually consider what he might like. I came up with Rambo, old-school style, preferably in a convenient three-disc package. But they were all sold out. Seriously, who BUYS Rambo?!

Our next stop was Walden books, just because I'd just gotten paid and I was in a book buying mood. We also went to several other stores and tried on lip gloss, and gasped over cute bags and cuter shoes. We bought him some awesome cards at Hallmark, and traipsed about going into whatever store caught our fancy, before we realized that the mall was actually closing.

We raced to Target, where I found the one and only Rambo DVD they had, and so made up for it by purchasing a super old school Three Stooges DVD. I even managed to color coordinate the card I got him with an adorable blue plaid birthday bag and dark blue and light blue tissue paper. I'm sure he totally appreciated the way it all matched so well.

Shopping, being loud and girly that day put me in a super good mood, which is hard to get in these days, since I've been feeling crummy lately. Missing an SO will do that to a girl. :/ I needed that girly day, for my sanity if nothing else.

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Kristy said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Daddy of all people appreciated the special way you color coordinated the packaging of his gifts. Hahaha. You did a good job! Better than I who actually FORGOT to buy a bag and paper, after getting after you to buy that for him. Sometimes I don't know where my mind is.