Saturday, April 14, 2012

Naturally Delicious

I am a new believer in herbal teas! I tried a few at earlier times in my life and just couldn't find out what made them so great. I figured it out- something to sweeten them! I have my favorites, and new ones to try and right now my kitchen counter looks like a natural pharmacy!

Honey Chamomile tea - This tea has a wonderful aromatic flavor that reminds me of just baked bread. I love drinking it right before bed. It's a great tea to relax over. 

Tension Tamer - This tea is not one of my favorites, but I do drink it on occasion. It is supposed to relieve tension, but it's so hard to tell whether it's the tea or me just relaxing with a hot drink, as I tend to do. I guess it's a little of both.

Sleepy Time Wellness tea - another relaxing tea for just before bed. It has Valerian, a root herb that has a sedative and anti-anxiety effect, to help ease you into sleep. It seems to help when I'm having an off night.

Orange Spice tea - I need to give this tea another chance, but currently I do not like it! I guess I'm not a fruit tea kind of person.

Rooibos tea - This tea is made from the red tea leaf. It is currently hubbies choice tea.

Ginger tea - My mother bought me some ginger tea because I'd been having nausea and heartburn. It's said to aid the digestive system. I'm trying it for the first time right now, and I have to say it's interesting. It's spicy and aromatic!

Kava tea - A tea that I just purchased to try it's proposed "stress relieving" properties. I have high hopes for it, and am looking forward to trying more delicious teas!

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Kristy said...

I'm loving tea too. I bought the TAZO Rest tea, which is herbal, but have yet to try it for fear I will be allergic. Right now I am loving Revolution's Tropical Green Tea, however, it is not herbal. But amazing! I love how we are both getting into teas at the same time. :)